Outdoor hammock is a kind of solution for relaxation need while soaking the sun in the backyard. Hammock is popular in its special shape with two tips which are hung on the two tree rods. Net fabric cloth material on its surface is usually found hanging on the trees in the beach area. This kind of hammock is typically found as the bed in the ship but with cotton cloth as the material. Currently, hammock can be found hung on the trees in the backyard, front yard, or garden at home as a kind of home decoration. There are various shape, material, and style of hammock which can be applied to complete the home decoration theme in the house.

If we usually find outdoor hammock with two tips and formed like an eye hung on the trees, now there is an uncommon shape of hammock with square shape. To apply this unique hammock, the owners do not need two tree rods in their house area even they do not need any prop to hold this hammock. This hammock has four poles under it so that it is ready to use without finding any other prop. Unique outdoor hammock standThe four poles are curved as like a cup to fit the hammock shape so that the tip of hammock can be installed on each of the pole by hook. And on the top internal side of the hammock pole, small black hook is installed to apply the hammock cloth. Under each of hammock pole, there is other small curved wood which is put in upside down position to hold the poles in order to the pole can stand properly. The two hammock poles are set higher than the other to make this hammock looks like a seat with seat back.

Unique outdoor hammock designEucalyptus wood is the main material of these outdoor hammock poles; it is waxed smoothly to create the best appearance on the poles. Strong X shape metal with dark brown color is installed on the center of the pole to join them together. This X metal is located under the hammock cloth; the distant between them is about 20 cm without any weight on the hammock. The distant will be smaller when there is weight on it, but do not worry that your ass will touch the X metal as the bottom area on this hammock. Ensure to connect the hammock hook to the pole hook before using it so that the hammock will hang perfectly without touching the bottom part.

Unique outdoor hammock ideas

This unique outdoor hammock uses quilted polyester which endures in dry or wet area. The hammock cloth is thick with light green color which make it looks so fresh and suitable to be placed on the grass. The good thing which can be gotten by having this modern hammock is that it is easy to be cleaned by wash it in the washing machine. Put some throw pillows with the same color on it will make this hammock more comfortable to enjoy the sun.