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Top 20 Country Kitchen Designs

Country kitchens are trending high in the kitchen remodeling projects across the world. Here are the top 20 country kitchen designs to inspire you. A high pitched ceiling with neutral cabinetry and huge windows make a perfect country kitchen. The windows light up the kitchen naturally and the beautiful appliances enhance its style and efficiency. The warm tone of the counter top and the flooring balance the neutral walls and […]

red themed french studio apartment

French Interior Design: The Beautiful Parisian Style

As the rest of the world knows that France has a bit sacrificing style, none in the world accused me of doing it. Even though Paris has overcome the trace of powdered bustles and wigs, you will still find a stylish sign in almost everything they opt to do. Below mentioned homes are not sharing any particular interior home design, but still they have French touches that reflect certain desires […]


Tips to find beautiful summer inspiration for your front entry

Now that summer is here it’s time to adorn our entryways and make them look as enticing as possible for our guests. There are so many ingenious ideas we can use to make the front entry seem inspiring, attractive and modern. Homeowners can decorate with flowers, rugs, paint and all kinds of additional accessories. There’s really not need to spend a fortune on a new front door or hallway furniture; […]

more creative and colourful nursery

5 creative nursery ideas

Decorating a nursery is one of those pivotal moments in life, one which demonstrates the enormous change that becoming a parent brings. Whether you’re a first time parent or expecting your fourth child, each new baby is a blessing – and creating the perfect environment to settle your precious bundle to sleep is important to all new and expectant parents. Whether you want a colourful, creative nursery or a calm, […]


Give your windows a fabulous look with these treatments

If you haven’t heard of the “wave” or “ripplefold” window treatment just yet, now it would be a great time to get more information. Basically we’re talking about a drape that creates continuous waves when closed. This can be achieved on a ripplefold drapery rod, which almost vanishes thus transforming your space into a fluid, soft and modern environment. This sort of drapes will make your windows appear modern, romantic, […]


How to take care of your furniture if they are delicate pieces?

Wooden furniture is probably the most common type of accessory found around people’s homes. Whether yours is vintage-inspired, antique, or contemporary, it is important to care for the pieces and preserve them in excellent condition for as long as possible. Most homeowners assume that dusting their furniture once a week is enough to keep it good condition; sadly, it’s not. Wood comes in numerous forms, and several types are extremely […]


5 ingenious ways to design kids rooms in narrow spaces

When space is at a premium and you aren’t able to move to a bigger property you need to get creative with the way you’re using space – and sometimes this means re-thinking the way you plan a room’s layout altogether. If you’re decorating a narrow kids bedroom and need to make the most of the space think outside the box; look up – and see how much space is […]

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5 twin bed designs that your kids will love

Creating a space for your children that encourages their creativity, soothes them to sleep, develops their sense of self and style, and which will be the envy of all their friends when it comes to a sleepover, can be hard to achieve. You want it to be a fun and functional bed, bright but not garish, comfortable and relaxing – you want it to excite your child enough that they […]

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5 inspirational kids room ideas

If you’re decorating a room for kids you want it to be all things – fun, functional, fabulous – you want soft areas for relaxing, soothing lighting, cosy beds, lots of storage for their toys – and lots of space to play with them in. It needs to tick a lot of boxes, and most importantly it needs to look good and suit their personality. And if there’s one thing […]

A chic fancy and minimalist study area of kids design idea

5 clever ways to make a study space in your kids room

Creating a fun and stylish kids room is a great project, and one that’s a lot of fun in the design and the lifestyle. Seeing your kids play and laugh, create and craft, and – of course – sleep and rest in the space you created for them is a joy unlike any other. As your children grow, though, what they need from their bedroom changes. Gone are the hours […]

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10 amazing designs using concrete blocks

In days gone by the materials used for building a home were plain to see – wood, plaster, stone, cement – all part of the design. As decoration methods developed it became important for people to hide the ingredients that make up a building, and the smooth, clean lines of plastered and painted walls became the norm, creating blank boxes within a building to decorate with paint and wallpaper and […]


Have an extra cozy living room with these furniture ideas

Some would say that the living area is the most stylish room of a house; and they couldn’t be more right. Living areas are usually the cleanest too. Homeowners use them for family gatherings, parties, and even dining. However because they’re not overly used they have a tendency to look cold and unappealing. You certainly don’t want friends and family to feel like in a hospital when stepping foot into […]