bedroom interior design for small apartment

Design Inspiration For Small Apartments (Less Than 600 Square Feet)

Just like a small word, interior designs for small apartments or houses are always unique, trendy and according to the fashion prevailing. As we all know that apartments demand special interior decoration and requires residents to make it beautiful as well as elegant, there are a lot of decoration ideas you can opt to incorporate. It is a common observation that apartments in a building look same not only from […]

organize your home office with clever baskets

7 Ways to Organize with Clever Baskets

Clever baskets can organize your home, home office, garden and other activities creatively. Owing to the size, light weight, portability and shape of the baskets, they offer flexible storage options and can be carried and placed almost anywhere. You can try our seven clever baskets’ ideas too! Garden tool storage tips Storing your garden tools and supplies would need serious and detailed organization- but some things like secateurs, kneeling pad, […]

specify zone in your shower room

7 Best Shower Room Layout Ideas

Shower room layout is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the purpose it serves. Shower rooms or wet rooms do not have distinctive shower spaces like shower trays, shower bases or shower pans etc. As such, a completely separate zone is allocated to build a shower room or a wet room in a bathroom.   If you are interested in interior design bathroom concepts, you might have […]


Five Gorgeous Rooms with Nautical-Themed Decor (Dane O’Leary)

Nautical decor has been a favorite of designers and decorators for decades. There’s something about the simplicity of the classic look and the way that it evokes the coast that people find appealing, even soothing. The great thing about nautical decor is that it’s versatile and can go in pretty much any direction. Nautical can be traditional or modern, abstract or literal. No matter what your personal style may be, […]

personalize the space

10 Awesome Bathroom Ideas

Interior design for bathrooms isn’t based upon aesthetic value only. Your bathroom space needs to be designed after thoughtful consideration of your needs, available area, budget and usability. After all, you deserve awesome bathrooms where you can take a relaxing shower at the end of the day and feel pampered. Double showers If space allows, having a double shower room separated with a glass screen from the bathroom is one […]

dressing up your nook

11 Ideas for Nooks in House

Looking for ideas for nooks in house? Here are tips on transforming odd and unutilized corner spaces in your home into useful and practical nooks. L-shaped corners often go unutilized but these can make splendid reading corners, particularly, if that corner is well-lit with natural sunlight. A bench affixed to a chest of drawers shall provide you moments of reading pleasure, whenever you wish to take a break from your […]

quality of furniture for nursery room ideas

10 Awesome Nursery Designs and Toddler Room Ideas

Decorate rooms for your little ones with our awe inspiring nursery designs and toddler room ideas. Fill up the rooms of your little ones with dreams and imaginations. Let them grow up in beautifully decorated nurseries and toddler rooms. Some things like ‘To the Moon and Back’ print from Middle of Nowhere shall continue to inspire the imagination of your children even beyond their childhood. This nursery has been decorated […]

quick and easy makeover bathroom ideas

The 8 Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeovers

If you are decorating on a budget, follow our quick and easy bathroom makeovers. All you need is a spark of imagination and you can create chic ambience in your bathroom. Roll up the towels Roll up the towels and stack them neatly in a basket or a tray. Sometimes, with simple bathroom decor, your bathroom can get a boutique hotel’s bathroom feel. Light it with candles Candle lights can […]

layout of functional kitchen

Top 6 Functional Kitchen Designs

A functional kitchen would make your life so easy! Craig Gibson, editor of sheds some light on the basic principles of functional kitchen design. It’s all about planning! Invest as much time in planning your kitchen as you can. You must convince yourself why you are placing kitchen appliances in certain places. You should be absolutely sure about your design, keeping in view the beauty and functionality of the […]

Japanese cozy bedroom ideas

10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Rich colors and luxurious fabric can transform simple bedrooms into regal small bedrooms. The interesting pattern of the wall paper and fabric of this bedroom is ‘Chaillot’ from the Tamarind collection by Thibaut, a well known American wallpaper and fabric design firm. The chandelier by Osaka has taken the grandeur of this snuggly bed to another level. What makes a snuggly bed so inviting? Yes. Piles of cushions in different […]

molecular bed

Top 15 Creative Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Ever dreamt about of having suspended, floating, or coffin like beds for your bed room? Go through our collection of top 15 creative bed ideas for small rooms: Floating bed Seems like an optical illusion? But this creative bed design idea is original and 100% real. This is a magnetic floating bed designed by Dutch artist, Janjaap Ruijssenaars. It weighs around 900 kg, and there are enough magnets to keep […]

coffee table with a tree

18 Uniquely Beautiful Coffee Tables

Coffee table is one of the most important fixtures in any home that is well decorated and well managed. It shows the taste and level of fashion understanding occupants have. If you have got an elegant interior decor along with a crafted center table, then the interior will grab attention of more and more guests. Tables mentioned in this post are completely unique and of high quality, thus making themselves […]