Remodeling you small bathroom are sometimes really needed by many home owners who have space problem and furniture arrangement. Commonly people who just bought new house want to decorate it in their own that commonly precisely make them worse. Especially in a small house which has limited space. Bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house which usually need to be remodeled. Unideal sized bathroom need more attention to decorate it so that it will comfortable to be used instead of make the users stressed out of their decoration. The following descriptions are several ideas of small bathroom remodel which are success in the remodeling project.

Remodeling idea for small dry bathroom

First gorgeous remodeling project is a small bathroom with colorful flowers wall decals motif. At the first, this pre remodeling bathroom becomes worse than the original, it looks so crowded with those flowers wallpaper. And the great solution which has done in this remodeling project is by removing all of the wallpaper from the bathroom wall. And now once the wallpaper removed, the bathroom wall is parted into two parts, with lower part covered by pure white of wooden wall and upper part wall covered by dark brown paint color. Small bathroom remodeling ideas for dry bathroomThe bathroom floor ceramic tiles are the same as the previous version with grey color and white motif on it. The white ceramic bathroom sink and closet are arranged in the same color and position as the previous. The hexagonal mirror and bathroom window frame are repainted with pure white color to suit the wooden wall, sink, and closet in this small bathroom. As the furnishing, glossy brown ribbon is tied to hang the mirror on the wall and light brown motif curtain is hung to cover the window. Three white mini green plant vases are put on the wooden wall to fresh the bathroom.

Remodeling ideas for small bathroom vanity

The next small bathroom remodeling ideas completely changes the appearance of the previous bathroom. In the old bathroom, the entire of the wall is covered by colorful flowers motif wallpaper. It is like as the previous project that wallpaper can cause the bathroom looks crowded and smaller. After the bathroom is remodeled, the flowers wallpaper has been removed and replaced with pure white bricked tiles on the lower part of wall and grey color paint on the upper part of wall. Small bathroom vanity remodeling ideasThe last bathroom vanity which used to had brown color marble on the top with circle sink and small crane on it and dark brown wooden on the vanity body. Now it has been perfectly changed. The new vanity has black marble color on the top and different modern stainless steel crane than the old. The wooden part of the vanity has been repainted into clear white with stainless steel drawer handle on the front.

Remodeling the bathtub

The next space of the bathroom is quite larger; it is because this bathroom can hold the bathtub and the shower in different area. In the old style of this bathroom, the entire of the bathroom wall is covered by brown marble tiles. Glass wall and door with stainless steel border separated the old shower area and the long common bathtub. In the new appearance after applying the remodel project, brown bricked and ceramic tiles become great combination on the shower are wall. Small bathroom remodeling ideas for bathtub

The new glass wall and swing door are applied without any stainless steel and reflects the modern accent in this bathroom. New bathtub with the same color, white ceramic, has unique shape on the mouth gives more additional space on the back and hand part. And to replace the old marble tiles, new brown ceramic tiles are set on the bathroom floor.

Really small bathroom remodeling ideas

Ordinary white bathroom with wood planks arrangement on the side of bathtub looks tiny and really limited. To make this smallest bathroom becomes wider; the entire of the bathroom wall is repainted into pure white, on the top part of the wall, butter yellow is applied to create fresh accent in the whole interior. In remodeling really small bathroom, the wood planks arrangement on the bathtub side is replaced with molding board which is also painted into pure white color. Really small bathroom remodeling ideasWhite modern bathroom vanity and white small closet improve the simplicity but modern in touch. A big square framed mirror on the wall behind the vanity gives wider effect because it’s reflects the light from the windows.  To fit the butter yellow color on a part of wall, green motif shower curtain is hung to fresh the bathroom.