Sauce, jam, powder ingredients, and also candies are products that are packaged using jars. If you get that that products are out and the jars are empty, you should clean the jars by washing those. Do not ever think that you have to throw the jars away. You look for the empty jars in your entire kitchen. Then, prepare yourself to do something big using the jars. You are able to make the jars more valuable and precious. Using reusable things will make you feel more beneficial for environment. In addition, you use the jars to make a creative and usable thing. This article will give an idea to make the jars more beautiful and useful.

Well, a mason jar lamp costs $130. That is really expensive since you are able to do that thing yourself. You do not need to call a professional to guide you. The mission is easier by reading procedure of DIY.

DIY Mason JarsHowever, in our mason jar DIY project, there are some points that you have to take into. You have to consider that the things should be prepared first. Jars and light materials are things that you have to prepare. You have to make sure that the jars have been clean and dry after washing them. Then, you have to arrange the jars appropriately using wire to tie one part to another. After that, you can fill the glass using the lighting materials. Choosing jars with different vibrant colors will give you stunning lamps. You are able to choose green, pink, and also blue.

DIY Mason Jars 5After tying and arranging the jars using chains, you are able to hang on the ceiling. In doing that, you need to put a hook on the ceiling so that you are able to set it by yourself. The more creative you the more stunning the result of jar lamps are. So, you have to be creative in doing so. Then, a wonderful chandelier is resulted. You are able to make the jars hanging lamps, pendants, or standing free. That is up to you.

DIY Mason Jars 1

DIY Mason Jars 4Eye catching impression is what you are able to get after setting the lamp in any room you want. Well, in relation to the room and the place where you usually put the decoration, the lamps are flexible. You can choose any room, whether it is bedroom, living room, dining room, or even kitchen to set the empty jar lamps.