Art Nouveau architecture is old masterpiece which apply some Victorian style accent as the building design idea either its exterior or interior design. Private country house designed by famous architect, Oleg Carlson, is commonly called as Art Nouveau style that has special characteristic by applying curling and spiraling line, plant and flowers shape as the element style design. Built around the River Volga, Moscow, Russia and was completed in 2009. Classic nuance will be created in the house where this unique art applied. The following some interior and exterior views also bit little description of this oldie house which apply art nouveau design on its architecture.

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Exterior view

As like some house building in 19th century, luxurious accent appears on the Nouveu house exterior. Five-second floor connected building looks so glory with classic exterior ornament and golden lighting effect from the house lighting at night. Furthermore, the front yard arrangement has large space to grow green carpet grass to beauty the Art Nouveau architecture house. Stone garden pathways is installed to ease the owners and the guests to go directly to the front door. Art Nouveau architecture exterior viewsEach of building has its unique design with tall white pillars to frame surround the building. White molding wall decorate the exterior wall on the top of second floor, a woman character on the molding wall make curling line with her very long hair to frame the pillar and area around the woman head. Spiral line is also found on all of the iron balcon fence in the first and second floor. A unique curved canopy is located in the middle part of exterior wall between the first and second floor.

Dining room

Plant and flowers shape or motif looks so attractive installed on the square molded ceiling and even on the wood floor in this Art Nouveau dining room. There are some hidden light surround the molded ceiling that make this special Art Nouveau motif shiny in golden color. A chandelier hand on the motif ceiling center to illuminate the dining room. A long wooden dining table is covered by plain white table cloth under the chandelier. Art Nouveau architecture for dining roomEight brown chairs arranged tidily surround the table to accommodate a large of family members. This dining table set is located on a round flowers motif rug which looks so compatible to the Nouveau theme. Almost the half of the entire wall in this room covered by luxury wooden cabinets. There are unique framed wall as a door to connect the dining room area to the other room. Butter yellow color decorated by white line as the molded wall suround the wall and the framed door.

Living room

The interior design of the living room is almost the same as the dining room interior design. But in this living room the entire of the wall is covered by wooden cabinets and wooden framed door. If there is a space on the wooden wall, it will painted in light blue color istead of white as the ceiling color. Curved shape ceiling looks luxurious and beautiful to clarify this Victorian style interior. Art Nouveau living room ideas are

An incredible floor to ceiling fireplace is completely covered by varnished wood which increase the warm accent in this comfort living room. Two rocking chairs are arranged in front of the fireplace facing each other on a white brown square flower motif rug. Two layers chandelier is hung perfectly above these rocking chairs.


The Nouveau house has beautiful kitchen which quite brighter than the other rooms which always apply wooden cabinets in brown wood natural color. As like other room in this house, the entire of the kitchen wall painted by butter yellow color paint and covered by wooden kitchen cabinets. But this time, the wooden cabinets are painted in off white color to create brighter accent in this kitchen. Art Nouveau kitchen interior ideasThis kitchen has smaller space than the other room, it is arranged as like a stright narrow with U shape kitchen design. Some curtained windows are installed in a side wall to give more natural lighting in this art nouveau architecture kitchen. Unique white and black rhomboid motif of ceramic tiles looks classic installed on the kitchen floor. An off white double chair dining table is located in the middle of the kitchen under white chandelier.


The bathroom area is the unique place in this luxury Art Nouveau house. It looks like there is a very large mirror in the middle of the bathroom so that the bathroom side reflect each other. This twins accent bathroom has a large square bathtub which perform as like a bed in a bedroom. This white ceramic bathtub is located between green wall with spiral carved wood on it. Art Nouveau bathroom decorating ideasIn each side of this bathtub, there are twins bathroom cabinet and vanity which are arranged in the same position so that they look like a mirror reflection. Three large unique windows installed on the wall behind the bathtub with taller curved window in the middle. All of these windows chic curtain and short green drapery hung to cover them.