In contemporary design wood is often used as an accent, to make the space warmer and more natural. Wood is essential material which brings nature into our 4 walls. Although we can rarely bring waterfalls into our homes, some wood in a bathroom will make a change in our water spaces. But how to do it – that is a secret of best interior designers, and they do it with style. Feel inspired for a contemporary bathroom!

elegant wooden bathtub

 An elegant wooden bath tub would surely be noticed. And it is pleasant to use, too. Even though it might seem a bit extravagant, clear and elegant lines of a bath tub are emphasized and even more noticeable in wood. With bath tub, you don’t necessarily need other bathroom fixtures to be in wood, because its clear design is corresponding to modern bathroom designs.

 chic wooden sinks


Wooden sink can be a true inspiration if you want to do a bathroom remodel. Those sinks are made to last and yes, some stains can be visible in years of using, but those would be natural, and show the value of the wood. On the other hand, wooden sinks are designed like bawls exactly to eliminate that effect. The water drains fast of the sink and there is no standing water to keep the wood wet.

Bathroom vanities are our friends because they keep all the stuff we need out of the sight, and there’s plenty of them. Sometimes vanities they are in main sight especially in small bathrooms. And often they hold a sink. Enough reasons to have them glow. Choose lighter shades of wood for the vanities to be more natural and elegant. If possible go for the console ones to avoid difficulties in cleaning floor bathroom tiles. If you have doubts on the wall colors, always choose natural shades.

 If you like rustic effect, add some details to modern bathroom designs. Like a wooden framed mirror, simple wood decoration or even a bench if you have space. In that case choose a mosaic or gravel bathroom tiles. Your bench would look more dominant on this floor.

wooden bathroom vanities

 Bathroom lighting fixtures are always cared with special attention. Search for the wooden bathroom fixtures to complete your bathroom designs. They shouldn’t be very noticeable, but rather simpler in design. Your view is mostly in the line of your eyes in the bathroom and it would be enough just to sense their presence above your head. Always have a bright colored ceiling, to have a better light, and accordingly, a brighter view in the mirror.

wooden bathroom benches