Window treatments for sliding glass doors are application of some varieties of material to cover the glass door. There are many kinds of sliding door design which is commonly installed as interior door or exterior door. One of them is sliding door made from glass which allows the owners to see other side of the house through its window. For exterior installation, this sliding door is selected because it allows the owner to get natural light and fresh air from the outside easily. Besides it provides beautiful scenery which can be seen from the house, it also provides modern style of door which is easy to operate. But how is about the people who need some privacy? Below are several types of window treatment which can be selected to cover the glass door.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are simple window treatment for sliding glass door. Its mechanism allows the vertical blind easy to be operate. Commonly, there is set of string in the side which can be pulled to open and close the blinds. Other vertical blinds have a functional button to operate it. Vertical blinds curtain for sliding glass doorsWhen the blind is opened, it allows the light come inside through the window, and when it closed they arrange tidily to cover the window. Ensure to measure the door distant so that the blinds will not crash each other when the sliding door is opened. Various colors such as: white, cream, and other neutral colors can be selected as desire.

Cellular shade

Cellular shades curtain for sliding glass doorsCellular shade type is a favorite for many people. Besides the motifs are beautiful and modern, this window treatment looks luxurious applied to cover the sliding glass door. This cellular shade is made from cloth which can be stick on each side of the sling doors. Some reasons that make this cellular shade become a favorite are because it does not full block the window so that the sun light can come through it which make the room is not too dark. But besides this window treatment is not cheap, it is also so fragile. This cellular shade is not suggested for the house where there are pets or small children in it.

Pleated sheers

Pleated sheers for sliding glass doors

Pleated sheers is appropriate choice for sliding glass door curtains. Its operation technique is the same as the vertical blinds and it looks formal and elegant to be applied in the living room or dining room. Curtains are great choice for the house with pets and children. Besides it can help you to control the light, you can band it hanged in the middle of the window when it is not used. Cheap and easy to be reached are suitable sentence for this window treatment for sliding glass door.

Tips buying window treatments

Before you decide to purchase and install the curtain for sliding glass door, you should know about the house condition and your privacy needs. The following are several tips to select window treatment.

  • To make the same theme as the room decoration theme, you should decide the same material which is the same as other window treatment in the room or house. For example: if other windows use blinds, vertical blinds will be suitable as your sliding door window treatment, so that it will look harmony.
  • If your house is in high traffic area, choose window treatment which can reduce the sound. Plantation shutter is recommended to be selected.
  • Children and pets are important to decide the appropriate window treatment. Choose simple and not fragile material for sliding door window treatment.
  • For privacy need, cellular shade and plantation shutter is suggested to cover the window. But for blocking light need, curtain, vertical blinds, and other window treatments can be selected.
  • Budget is the main plan to select window treatment, cellular shade with luxurious appearance would be more expensive. Curtain is the cheapest window treatment which can be chosen.