Have you ever seen a willow tree? Well, this tree has big and tall dimension with thick stalk to accommodate much water. Today, to supporting GO GREEN campaign, there are many home furniture providers who design and create green furniture with compact design and versatile look. This GO GREEN furniture and accessories are including unique compact planter called Willow Tree Planter.

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Well, now you don’t have to grow big and tall real willow tree in your garden since you can get mini version of it in living room or other rooms in the house. Willow Tree Planter is designed by professional and creative designer named Louise Hederstrom. He made this unique and minimalist planter for Nola. It looks stylish since you can grow various plants in the same compact planter. In addition, Willow Tree Planter offers numerous benefits by placing it inside or outside the house. Willow Tree Inspiration for Compact Planter 3

Simple but provide many advantages

As compact planter, Willow Tree Planter is designed as similar as the real Willow tree design and shape though the dimension is reduced. Basically, this planter is designed with two or three branches where we can grow various plants in them. Great design allows this tree planter has good looking completing every home interior design styles including contemporary. Willow Tree Planter branches are arranged symmetrically following the real willow tree shape. It is made in order to this tree planter looks natural located in the room.

Willow Tree Inspiration for Compact Planter 2The best thing you can find on the Willow Tree Planter is it has main trunk in the middle for larger planter media. It is also available to be covered with wooden top for other function besides as a compact planter. There will be attractive package when you deciding to pick it home namely wooden top with simple stripes mesh. This wooden top has natural wood color to contrast the grey Willow Tree Planter color. It looks stylish with green color composition when the plants have been arranged in it. Don’t worry about the function of this compact planter. It is because Willow Tree Planter is not only designed as planter but also as furniture. Let’s read more in the next paragraph.

Let’s support the Go Green

As compact planter, Willow Tree Planter is designed as minimalist as possible. With big trunk and two or more branches, this compact planter is available to accommodate at least two pots for plants. It is suitable for any plant types including grass and flowers. It is such perfect idea to make your home looks fresher and airy with health air circulation.

Willow Tree Inspiration for Compact Planter 1

Willow Tree Planter will be perfect to place in any room in the house including deck and patio for exterior decorating ideas. Besides compact planter function, Willow Tree Planter also can be used as furniture. So what the furniture would be? Chair looks more elegant and unique with three branches as plant holder. Well, we should put the wooden top on the main trunk of this compact planter to give you space for seating.