Owning a house complete with furniture, appliance, and even a car to fill the garage seems to be your pride as head of household. Everybody who has a house must want to decorate their house as cool as possible. This action is kind of treatment to keep the house cheerful and energizing for the owners. There are many home interior and exterior decor ideas which typically chosen depends on the budget and current trend. Wall and flooring idea, furniture design, and accessory style look perfect to complete this home decorating project such as white whale for wall accessory idea.

Accessory for home interior decor comes in various models depends on the function and location where it installed. Curtain is one of important accessory which is designed as window treatment. Painting is another attractive accessory which is intentionally designed to beautify the wall in every room inside the house. White whale becomes unique and funny choice as wall decorative idea. White Whale for Wall Accessory 1

White Whale for Wall Accessory Model

White whale is popular located in the deep sea. Whale is kind of mammals which live in water as like other fish. This mammal is still a kind of fish though it delivers and milks its babies. Nowadays, whale especially white whale is almost extinct and may be disappeared just for decade later. White Whale for Wall Accessory 2So that’s why the white whale looks great to choose as main concept for your wall decorative item. This whale accessory is made of the finest leather covering the entire front surface.

It looks like common painting which usually hung on the room wall. The uniqueness of this white whale painting is the design. It is intentionally designed to imitate the white whale shape with huge body connected to the head and the up fish tail. This white whale is drawn as funny as possible with soft curving edge. In addition, big round blue eye attached on this whale looks cute rather than the real whale in the sea. Other uniqueness is located on the whale mouth. It is made of zipper that is installed horizontally.

White Whale for Wall Accessory Skin Concept

The design of the white whale has been described above generally. The white whale looks special and contemporary because of the surface concept. Well, since the whale is kind of fish, the surface of the whale applies scales reflecting the general characteristic of the fish. The difference of these scales is its color scheme. The scales are made in similar dimension to cover the entire part of the white whale surface. Those unique scales are colored in white with skin color shadowing among the white.

White Whale for Wall Accessory 3

The scales of the white whale look even more attractive with unique tiny patterns installed on the scales. Well, the pattern is actually designed in simple way. It looks stylish because of the color scheme. The scale pattern doesn’t too contrast with the white and skin color scheme. Do you know that all of the scale made of leather? You can realize it when you have it on your living room wall.