Kitchen should become important room among many rooms in the house as production area. This cooking room is typically useful as a place where the home owner makes their meal everyday while interacting with other in breakfast spot. The design is different from one to another depends on the room space and condition. White kitchen interior seems to be the favorite decor trend either for small or large spaces. The white color scheme application in the room allows the small space looks spacious.

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So that’s why this bright color scheme becomes favorite scheme installed in the kitchen. In addition, white color gives cleaner, brighter, and lighter accent in the kitchen as working space. Generally, kitchen has special duty that related to the meal production. No wonder that it involves various styles to support this important function. White kitchen decor should require appropriate style to fit the space and condition. This style must involve triangle work idea to support the effectiveness arrangements. Triangle work system is kind of decorating system which involves the three important areas in the kitchen such as cleaning, cooking, and storage areas.White Kitchen

General and the simplest idea for white kitchen

White kitchen seems to be favorite clean kitchen which commonly chosen by many women as wife in their house. This color scheme is available for any kitchen style and model according to your desire. It may be in contemporary, modular, French, countryside, urban, and many more. White Kitchen IdeasThe general tip to decorate this white cooking room is only a neutral color application to be focal point in the room. White color scheme should be applied on the entire room such as ceiling, wall, kitchen cabinetry, utensils, and window and door frames.

Basically, the application of white color scheme in the kitchen can cause sickness effect on your eyes since it is in wrong concept of application. In this situation, you must also install other color which doesn’t distract the focus of the white scheme. Choosing neutral color will be better to maintain the white kitchen color scheme. Try to use black, grey, metallic, or brown to accompany the white scheme in the cooking area.

Smart layout for white kitchen

Since white kitchen always involves white color scheme as main scent, don’t do much application of other color in the kitchen. You can choose white to cover the wall, furniture, ceiling, and window and door frames. And then choose glossy black ceramic or cork flooring to contrast the bright color scheme. Do the same thing on the kitchen cabinetry counter or island to give focus line for each object in this kitchen.

If you want to give deluxe accent in this cooking area, install stylish lighting on the ceiling or wall with appropriate distance. Metallic scheme on the cabinetry will give such modern and sophisticated accent. Green accent from the plant in planters give such fresh and serenity nuance in the white kitchen. Nowadays, white doesn’t always come from paint, it may come from marble or other material such as acrylic, plastic, vinyl, and many more.