What is a studio apartment? This question is commonly heard by people who really need an apartment; especially for single man or woman who wants to live alone in their own or rented apartment. Studio apartment is an apartment without walls which separate a room to other room. The only room which has walls and a door is bathroom. This apartment is usually selected by a single man or woman who does not want to share their living cost with their roommates. Studio apartment has enough space which is divided into four rooms namely: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. And this space of apartment is compatible for a person.

What is a studio apartment advantage?

Some benefits will be gotten by people who choose studio apartment as their bachelor house. Studio apartment is a small size apartment, so that it makes the owner or renter pay less money to have the apartment. For rented studio apartment, it will cost cheaper living cost than common apartment.

What is a studio spartmentThe electricity bill is also cheaper; it is because only by a lamp which is located strategically will give illumination for the entire apartment. Some studio apartment rental provides additional half walls in the apartment. Usually it is used to make a private area for the renter. If there is no this feature from the studio apartment rental, the owner can use folding board as room partition. Currently, many folding boards with beautiful motif and various materials are used to be house decoration.

What is studio apartment disadvantage?

The only disadvantage gotten by living in a studio apartment is the owner cannot keep many goods in it. As we know that a studio apartment is a small size apartment with four rooms available without any wall to separate each other, except bathroom which has walls around it and a door. If you as the owner or the renter of this apartment, you should be creative to create some furniture with many hidden shelf to keep your good tidily. That furniture can be useful to make your studio apartment wider and tidy. Some furniture which can be arranged to be your secret places is corner cabinet, hanging shelves, and even your bed with hidden shelves under the mattress.

Studio apartment is the best choice for people who want to live alone, so that the entire of apartment become their private place where other people can not disturb them. When you are looking for the studio apartment, you are supposed to be selective to choose it. The advantages and the disadvantages can be your priority to minimize your choice.