Wall hung bathroom vanity is appropriate solution for small house or studio apartment space type. Sometimes a single bathroom vanity is needed in a small bathroom, but when it has been placed on the bathroom, the bathroom would look smaller and crowded. To solve this problem, wall hung bathroom vanity is great choice. This bathroom vanity is commonly hung on the wall not far from the floor to remain little space on the floor; this condition can reduce crowded effect from furniture placement in the small bathroom.

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So many styles of wall hung bathroom vanity provided by furniture stores or popular designer. Modern look is one of accent which commonly searched by people to be applied on their bathroom. Others choose multipurpose bathroom vanity to be installed. But there is a hung bathroom vanity which offers functional space on it to store bathroom stuff such as: toilet tissue, folded towel, and others as well as the washbasin on it. In the first view, white glossy tall sink with stainless steel water pipe is set in the middle of the vanity. In each side of vanity there are wooden shelves, one of them is open shelves which have slim size, and other is large shelves with a door.

Hidden shelf for extra storage

Unique wall hung bathroom vanityThe secret thing which makes this modern wall hung bathroom vanity looks so unique is a hidden shelf under the sink. In the first view, you will only see a tall glossy white sink in the middle part of bathroom vanity. Actually the sink is only about four inches on the top; the other part under the sink is a medium shelf to store the bathroom stuff.

This hidden shelf can be opened by pulling a small hole on the bottom of this shelf. This additional shelf under the sink is useful and functional to save the small bathroom space. With glossy white on the sink and wooden shelves in each side of sink make this hung bathroom vanity is compatible to be installed on the wall in any color. This vanity is also compatible to be hung in the big or medium house which has large bathroom space.

Wall hung bathroom vanity ideasThis modern and functional wall hung bathroom vanity can be applied as single or double bathroom vanity. They can be suit as the bathroom condition and position as the owners’ desire. In the second bathroom, two of these hung bathroom vanity are arranged harmony with the same shelf placement in each side of it.

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The larger shelf is located in the outer side of this hung bathroom vanity, while the slim shelf is located in the middle part between two sinks. Those hung bathroom vanity are separated by three hung shelves which are hung vertically. Tall bathroom mirror without frame are hung on the wall behind the vanity, those hung mirror fit the sink width so that they look so sophisticated and modern in the arrangement style. On one of the larger shelf, a vase of green plant placed to fresh the bathroom.