Various walk in closet designs and layout comes with big, medium, even small size of space. Closet kits are commonly installed to accommodate the clothes, shoes and other cloth stuffs tidily and reachable. Hanging rails in hanging space, various shape and size of kits, shelves, and drawer pulls are arranged as well as the common wardrobe in a big size. Various materials such as: metal or wood, colors, sizes, and styles can be applied for the storage need. Below are several walk in closet design ideas which can be the best inspiration for your clothes storage solution.

Modern walk in closet design

This modern walk in closet style is installed behind the floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door. Black frame on the glass sliding door as the closet door make this walk in closet looks modern in the first view. Black wooden closet cabinet is made as tall as the sliding door which makes it can store as much as possible the clothes in it. Modern walk in closet design with sliding glass doorsThis glossy black tall closet cabinet is stuck on the wall and parted into three parts. A large part in the middle is used as hanging space area with glossy motif decoration on its surface, several coats are hung on the hanging rail and some stuffs such as hat and unique bottle for decoration placed under the coats. Two other part of this cabinet, there are several kits or open shelves which are arranged vertically to store folded clothes. Some white boxes of clothes are located on the top of cabinet for maximal storage benefit. This modern walk in closet concepts looks luxurious to be applied in the modern home decorations.

Small walk in closet design ideas

Small wooden walk in closet design ideasSmall space of room or closet area is not a problem to organize the walk in closet. Small walk in closet concepts can be a solution for this problem space. This walk in closet is formed in L shape. On the corner upper part of this closet, two levels of kits are made to store folded clothes, and on the corner lower part there is a large hanging space area to store the hanging coats. There are two other kits in the right side of the corner kit; the first kit is parted into two with a kit for folded clothes and taller hanging space under it. The second kit is parted into three with two kits on the top and the bottom to store folded clothes and other kit in the middle to store some shoes tidily. In the left side of the corner part, there is another wooden cabinet with a half height than the previous which has wide and slim drawer to store some shocks. A small unique tree on the cabinet located as decoration.

Luxury walk in closet designs

Luxury walk in closet design ideas

Luxury walk in closet by Pedini has L shape closet cabinet in larger size than the previous closet. Wood looks classic with its natural color stuck on the wall. The corner part of the closet cabinet, there is double hanging space in the upper and lower side. In the right side of the corner, two cabinets have the same kits arrangement with hanging space in the upper side and two drawer pulls and single open shelf in the lower part. In the left side of the corner closet cabinet, there are two cabinets with the same kits arrangement and a different cabinet arrangement. Two cabinets have an open shelf on the top part, hanging area in the middle, and four open shelves in the bottom part. The other left side has eight open shelves vertically to store the folded clothes.

Minimalist walk in closet

Minimalist walk in closet design ideasWhite color on the entire of the closet cabinet makes this walk in closet looks wider and clean. This walk in wardrobe has three side of large cabinet which are stuck on the wall. In the middle side, some larger open shelves dominated this closet cabinet with four drawer pulls on the corner lower part. On the right side closet cabinet, four cabinets parted into two, a small open shelf on the top and hanging space until the floor to store the coats and some shoes. The left side closet cabinet, there is three cabinet which parted into two parts with hanging space on the top part and some drawer pulls and open shelves on the lower part. Blue fur rug make this walk in closet looks cool and chic.