Walk in bathtubs with shower are a good solution for area saving in your modern bathroom. You will get some items in one spot. That is perfectly great then. It is like that you buy a book where you can find many aspects and values to take such as social aspect, entertainment aspect, and individual aspect. You can put those things in one item. In addition, the bathtubs are coming out with several models, styles, and materials that you can choose one by paying attention to the efficiency and beautification of your bathroom. The varieties are also defined from the shapes. You can choose rectangular or square. Which one do you love more?

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Cool design and feature

This bathtub is perfect solution for limited space problem since it’s designed with compact and minimalist concept. There are numerous shapes of the walk in bathtub which are available to choose. It may be in square, circular, rectangular, and even elliptical shape. Walk in Bathtubs with ShowerThere will be much water with deep bathtub depth in this unique stylish bathtub. But don’t worry you will sink because of it since it designed with patented chair in it.

There is also small door with anti leaking feature to help you access in and out. White is perfect color for brighter small bathroom interior design ideas. This white color is applied on the entire bathtub surface for elegant color scheme. Porcelain seems to be main material and combined with glossy metal for the faucets. So it has proved as safe and soft enough for your skin.

Walk in Bathtubs with Shower DesignsGenerally, walk in bathtubs are designed with about a meter of height. It comes in various shapes including square, rectangular, half and full wall style with unique chair patented in it. Two sides of wall are designed as half wall bathtub, while the tow others are designed as full bathtub wall. There, you can find a set of faucet which specifically installed for showering.

Smart space saving appliance

For multipurpose bathroom, sometimes it involves double cleaning area in the same room namely bath and shower area. This kind of bathroom concept looks suitable for medium and larger bathroom design concept. But today, you can get smarter feature at the same location and furniture.

Walk in Bathtubs with Shower Ideas

The walk in bathtubs with shower are certainly designed for tiny and small sized space. It is because you will only need narrow bathroom space to place the walk in bathtubs in the deepest tip. And then you can benefit more space next to the walk in bathtub as toilet and sink locations. White is definitely perfect neutral color for small bathroom space whatever design styles of it.