Vintage table lamps are created with classic accent and become most popular bedroom decorations. Vintage is style where something is made in its era and it will look ancient and old to become classic style today. Old color look such as gold, rusting color, brown, and dark color dominate this lamps. General shape even unique and rare shape will looks expensive and elegant. Below are some inspiration which can be applied in bedroom, living room, or dining room corner.

Vintage teapot table lamp

Teapot commonly found in the kitchen or on the coffee table. But this time, the teapot found as a part of unusual table lamp. Chrome/iron carved on the entire of teapot which make it looks a lighting in 17th century. Dark brown color makes this lamp looks so old and classic. Vintage teapot table lampsThis teapot table lamp has four feet to hold it on the table and also has brass teapot cover on the top. Circle lamp cover that larger on the lower colored in cream color reminds 18’s era in England with its frame which make it fit to the cover shape. This teapot lamps can be applied in French decoration styles.

Vintage verandah table lamp

Vintage verandah table lampsThis verandah lamp has unique shape as like fishing pole. It called as verandah because handle pole which looks like fishing pole curving as like a verandah so that the lamp cover looks floating on the top. Dark brown is color for this vintage table lamp with little black color on the bottom part of lamp which touches the table. Wood makes it more classic on this vintage lamp. Dark brown circle bulb cover hung on the top, this cover looks like woman skirt with larger circle on the lower part. Two little fishes are hung as bulb cover decoration which reflects fishing activity as like other part on this lamp. On the bottom part, there is string roller for the furnishing.

Vintage crystal table lamp

Vintage crystal table lamps

Crystal is other style on the vintage table lamp which can reflect elegance and classic nuance in the room. Six glass faux crystals formed like arrow hung on the hooks surround the handle. The entire of this crystal table lamp is made of glass which is formed as like woman’s jewelry. If the lamp pole handle without those hung crystal arrows, it looks like a tall crystal goblet with unique shape between two stainless steel rings in the middle. On the top part where the bulb located, there is larger crystal formed like a plate. This vintage lamp will suitable to place in any room at home which can create vintage accent on it.

Vintage brass table lamp

Vintage brass table lampsThis vintage table lamp has old style on it. It really reflect classic accent as old style. This kind of table lamp commonly used as reading lamp in home office or home library. It looks like it can be folded vertically, when it stands it will form zigzag with three rolled screws which allow it can be folded. A half ball is its bulb place shape which located on the top. On the bottom part, curving shape as like its lamp cover located on the short circle tube as the table lamp base.