Having old house not always becomes a trouble for you since it involves complete main room and area for standard house for living space. Vintage old farm house offers unique and antique look as old house. Shabby chic concept is applied on this old farm house interior including bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. It is such great inspiration for you who need Colonial house style in 17th century. Well, in this article we give you general description of this vintage old farm house from Sweden. And let’s start it from the living room firstly as main area in this chic house.

All in one living room

The Sweden vintage house has a small living room that is located under the stair next to the dining room and kitchen area. To make it looks spacious and larger, pure white becomes the best color scheme for this shabby chic farm house. Simple layout to represent chic living room is applied in this guest room. Basically, this room is designed with L letter shape with little space in applied near the staircase. To follow the L letter shaped room, the same shape style is arranged for the sofa set for comfortable sharing and interaction room. Vintage Old Farm House InteriorVintage Old Farm House Interior 2

A long black upholstered sofa looks simple and enough to accommodate three persons at the same time. For additional space for guest, an accent chair is arranged diagonally in front of the sofa. This accent chair applies rainbow stripes pattern to create chic and cozy accent in this old look farm house. Small square coffee table in black is located in the middle between the chair and sofa. There are some decorative items located on it to complete various color schemes in this old farm house. Next to the coffee table, round unique modular bookcase is located close onto the wall.

Vintage Old Farm House Interior 5

This medium modular bookcase becomes this living room focal point since it placed on the wall center in this room.

The beautiful “messy ” kitchen

Next topic described in this article is “messy” kitchen interior in this Sweden vintage house. This kitchen is combined with dining room area since this room is large enough for kitchen only. White still becomes the best base color on the entire kitchen and dining room wall. Minimal wall decor make this large room looks spacious and airy. To maximize the large space in this large room, kitchen in the vintage old farm house applies L letter shape style and layout. The kitchen furniture is dominated with base cabinet instead of wall mounted kitchen cabinet.

Vintage Old Farm House Interior 4Vintage Old Farm House Interior 3There are some stainless steel appliances in this kitchen including refrigerator. Antique accent is really clearly displayed on several base kitchen cabinets in this room area. This antique accent is created by natural scratches applied on the white kitchen cabinet surface especially on the drawers. Wooden stools, knife pots, and open shelves look perfect to represent the shabby chic style in this vintage old farm house. Metal and wood racks for kitchen utensils looks unique and classic dominated the backsplash kitchen wall.