Vietnamese style interior design is clearly seen in this Vietnam Villa. This gorgeous interior design is designed by Grand Design to represent the real beach panorama for summer villa. The style is so modern with home area combination applied in a room. This villa also applied the flowing open interior design concept to allow you to be able to see the beautiful scenery through the glass wall, window and sliding glass door.

Vietnamese Style Interior Design: Living room

Vietnamese Style Interior by Grand Design 1The living room area in this Vietnamese style interior design villa is joined with dining room and kitchen. Well, this room specifically built in long rectangular space to accommodate those three home areas including living room. The living room is an area which arranged near the folding glass door where you can directly see the beach. This living room area is built lower than the dining room and kitchen to ensure the area is parted properly without wall.

Vietnamese Style Interior by Grand Design 3Vietnamese Style Interior by Grand Design 2

L letter shaped sofa with dark brown wood board and white upholstered seat is located facing the beach. This special sofa is multifunction with seat and side cabinet combined into one as the space saving furniture. Some table lamps and decorative stuffs are placed on the side cabinet. Small oval white coffee table is placed in the middle to complete the living room furniture in this Vietnamese style interior design. A flat screen TV is located in other side of wall in front of the sofa set.

Vietnamese Style Interior Design: Bedroom

Vietnamese Style Interior by Grand Design 4There are several bedrooms built in this Vietnam villa. But, we will choose one of them for your Vietnamese style interior design inspiration. As like the living room, dining room, and kitchen area, this master bedroom also completed with large folding glass door where you can see the beach panorama directly from the bedroom. Outside the folding door, there is deck complete with two chairs and coffee table where you can spend time while enjoying the beach scenery.

Vietnamese Style Interior by Grand Design 5Come inside the bedroom, you will find large glass wall across the bed with white lounge in front of the wall. Next to the lounge, flat screen TV is located on the white TV cabinet. This bedroom looks so modern in white that only decorated with large dark painting next to the bed. Installed bookcase on the wall completes a set of home office table and chair located next to the painting. For warmth accent in this bedroom with Vietnamese style interior design, wood plank floor and white fur rug becomes perfect combination.