Creative and unique Valentine’s day box is great solution to cover the special Valentine gift for your friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, and other special person in this romantic day. Various shapes of gift box are commonly found in the gift stores such as: square as classic shape, circle, rectangle, triangle, or other romantic heart shaped and they usually comes with colorful decorations. Those gift boxes have different price, it is based on the difficulty when it was made, materials, or its unusual shape. Today, with simple steps and materials, you can get your special inexpensive homemade gift box instead of purchasing it in the gift store with expensive cost.

Material for romantic Valentine’s day box

What should you prepare in making this romantic Valentine’s day box? The materials are surely cheap and affordable. And the making process is also short which will take not more than 10 minutes. Romantic heart shaped Valentines day boxFirst thing first to make this homemade box is by printing the heart pattern on Ideas for Scrap Bookers blog. Then prepare some materials such as: patterned paper, scissors, puncher, bone folder, ribbon, paper glue, and color pencils or board maker to make Valentine’s day greeting card if necessary.

The easy steps to make cute Valentine’s day box

Romantic Valentines day box sketchFirst, copy the heart box pattern on the back side of thick motif paper and cut it out gently. The thick paper can be selected as desire whether it is motif or plain color paper. It is up to you, but ensures to choose thick or even thicker paper so that the gift which put in it does not break the box.

Cute Valentines day box sketch

Once you have cut patterned paper, you will find dots line on it. This dots line will help you to form the box. Use the bone folder to fold them so that you will get the exact folding of box.

Valentines day box ideas for boysAfter the dots lines have been folded, stick the paper glue on the outer part of pattern to connect them into the box shape. If this step has been done, you will get the two heart shapes face each other, it looks like a cone with sharp part on the bottom heart shape.

Valentines day box for girlsOnce all the heart sides have been stuck, there will be long tab on each of heart side. These long tab have a short cut on their tip, this cut is used to slip each other so that the box will close completely. The gift can be put in by opening these long tabs.

The next step, ribbon with suitable color with the box can be the best decoration. On the top of each heart shape, there will be a small hole to slip and tie the ribbon through it.

Valentines day box for kidsFor the furnishing, prepare the Valentine greeting card which is punched on its corner, and then apply it by using ribbon which tied on the heart punched hole. Now, this creative Valentine’s day gift is ready to be sent for beloved one.