Who says that kids are not included in your Valentine gift plan? Today there are various gift box ideas which can be inspiration to create special Valentine box for kids. Children love the cute design and colorful. You can take their favorite cartoon as the box cover motifs and then combine with unique decorations. Usually some people using the ribbon for decoration, but it’s boring and don’t give a “shocking” for our beloved one. You can make it more appealing to the creativity or take a few interesting things from design that we present below. Create these gift boxes as chic as possible to please them much. The following are several design and bit little descriptions of unique and creative gift box for kids.

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone precisely becomes an inspiration to create funny Valentine box for kids. As like common ice cream cone, this cone gift box also has waffle motif on the surface. White and butter yellow are the color combination on this waffle motif paper. On a side of this cone, two doll eyes and a piece of orange triangle flannel are formed as like a smiling face. Ice cream cone Valentines box ideas for kidsTwo other pieces of orange flannel are stuck on each side of face look like butterfly wings as its ears or even its wing. Transparent yellow ribbon is tied on the top to ease the owner to hang it. Oval blue greeting card also tied as the furnishing.


Unique Valentines box ideas for kidsDynamite is the next inspiration for this unique gift box. As like dynamite, red paper covered three golden paper wrapped chocolates which are formed in stick shape. Those red sticks are tied by black velvet ribbon to join them. On the top part, there is black velvet which is set as dynamite wick. Circle red paper is tied on the middle velvet as greeting card for this unique and “explosive” Valentine box for kids.

Bird house

Creative Valentines box ideas for kids

The next Valentine gift box is formed as like bird house with a round hole in the front as the door. Pink heart patterned papers are arranged in order on the red house roof to represent Valentine characteristic. The serrated door hole is bordered in red as like the house roof, red tied ribbon and white flying bird picture near the door give the real imagination of the house bird. Dark brown covers the entire of the exterior wall of this creative Valentine box. This box provide you extra space to store candy, chocolate, cupcake or other unique gift for your children.

The crocodile

Funny Valentines box ideas for kidsChic accent is also can be gotten in this crocodile Valentine box for kids. Green becomes the main color of this cute crocodile. Square shape as like common box is created with square hole on the top to put the gift. On each of box tip, it is decorated by yawning mouth of crocodile which shows several sharp teeth and red tongue, while its tail is stuck on the other tip of box. Four crocodile legs are stuck surround the box. On the top part of box where the yawning mouth is located, two white and black eyes are stuck to complete this crocodile design idea.

Monster Valentine

Monster creative Valentines box ideas for kidsThe last creative gift box has square shape as its main shape; this shape reflects monster body shape. But it is created with smooth surface covered by glossy red color. On the top box, there are two round eyes with spiral under it to shake the eyes. On each upper part on side of the box, there are two wood look which are stuck untidy as the red monster ears. On the front part, a big hexagonal hole is created with white sharp teeth surround it as monster mouth; through this mouth the kids can see their gift. As the monster feet, two red heart shapes are placed in the bottom of this Valentine box for kids.