Unique and Valentine centerpiece ideas can increase romantic aura during your special dinner on this special day. As everybody knows that Valentine day is a day on February 14th where people usually share their love to someone they love, family, children, or friends. But commonly Valentine day is dominated by couples’ special event. Dinner at night in the expensive restaurant is special gift from your beloved. But now unforgettable dinner at home can be great choice for you. Just simply invite him tonight for dinner, then prepare the romantic dining table as possible. The following are several centerpiece ideas which can be selected to decor your Valentine dining table.

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Centerpiece ideas with LoVe candle

Valentine centerpiece ideas with pink love candleCandle is a simple choice for Valentine centerpiece decor. Choosing uncommon candle with “LoVe” form written in unique font can support Valentine theme on your dining table. The hole on ‘O’ letter is formed love symbol, it looks chic and compatible to romantic accent which is created. Three candle wicks are placed on the top of ‘L’ and ‘V’ letter. Red and white shade on the upper part of candle makes it attractive and beautiful. Place the love candle on a small white wool net tablecloth is suitable on the circle wooden dining table.

Shabby chic ideas

Shabby chic valentine centerpiece ideasThe next Valentine centerpiece design looks crowded enough. Love symbol motif in red and white tablecloth covers the small circle table which can be used for a couple. A small pink love tablecloth put as centerpiece base in the middle of the table. A wine glass looks like tulip flower is placed on the love tablecloth, mini pink roses fake flowers are arranged surround the glass.

Seven common candles are banded with pink ribbon and put in the wine glass. Some mini candle places are set next to the fake flowers, a mini Valentine card stands in front of the wine glass. Two table manner sets are placed across; it contains of red love plate, red and white napkin, and small wine glass. These combinations look beautiful for dinner, though it is a bit too much.

Luxury centerpiece in white color

The third Valentine centerpiece decorations is perfect to be placed in the center of large circle table. White tablecloth looks classic and simple underneath the centerpiece and table manner sets. Numerous mini white vases are simply arranged to form love symbol in the center of table.

Luxury white valentine centerpiece ideas

Roses in various colors and size put on the mini vase, they create natural fragrant of rose which can present romantic and relaxing nuance on the dining table. Six to eight table manner sets are arranged surround the circle table. This position can be an option for family dinner or triple date romantic dinner. You can improve it with white or red candles and put them in the middle of the flower arrangements.

Unique Valentine centerpiece

The last sample of Valentine centerpiece is a unique candy sundae centerpiece. Parfait glass is used to place red snack candies in it. A half of Styrofoam ball is used to create sundae curve on the top of the glass. The snack candies are stuck orderly surround the Styrofoam by using small wires until the Styrofoam completely covered.

Unique valentine centerpiece ideasOn the top of sundae, a folded straw is installed as decoration. And to represent whipped cream, a piece of tulle is formed like flower on the top of sundae. For the furnishing, a round red candy put on the center of tulle to reflect a cherry. This centerpiece looks so adorable and compatible with Valentine themes with red color domination on it.