You certainly can not imagine the style of this house located on the hill top near Moscow, Russia. This folded plane house is designed by Atrium Architects for a new couple with a kid. The concept of this house is very unique with G letter shape when it is seen from the front. Actually, the reason why this house named as the Folded Shape House because the whole house building design looks complicated as like folded paper plane. But from this unique design you will surely find such sophisticated atmosphere.

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This Folded Plane House is designed in two floors that created to form like a ship with G letter shape pattern. The first floor or the base floor is intentionally designed to be lifted from the ground. There are many clear window glasses which are created not like common window. Folded House by Atrium Architects Image 788Folded House by Atrium Architects Image 789These windows sometimes are installed on the wall from the wall into the ceiling, this design allow the owners can freely see the stars at night. Many windows installed in this house are used to allow the natural sunlight come to the house as the illumination at day. The natural atmosphere also created by numerous pine trees grew surrounds this house.

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Folded House by Atrium Architects Image 791This house is designed with wood color applied on the external side of certain wall and the walking track on the front yard. Large clear glass window also applied as the wall in the certain room in this house. There will be more rooms in this house that installed by glass walls and doors to increase the natural accent in this house. White color is dominated on the external and internal side of this house. By applying this color, this house looks so natural and wider. Such of metal material painted in grey used as the main material for the fence installed surround this house. To add warm accent in this folded plane house, the wood planks covers the entire of floor inside the house. Grey stone color of floor is used to cover the deck outside the house and little space in front of the main door.

Folded House by Atrium Architects Image 792Folded House by Atrium Architects Image 793Bathroom is a unique room in this house. It is designed quite unique with glass wall and ceiling on a bathroom wall. Double bathroom vanity located in front of this glass wall with curving faucet made of stainless steel. Two square standing mirrors are located in the front this double sinks.