Plant is the best choice to create fresh spot in the house. People commonly use various media to place the plant in every nook of the house. They can be large or small pot, vase, or such unique media like terrarium. Hand Blown Glass Terrarium is unique to be applied in the house. Besides this terrarium is small and removable, it uses transparent glass that allows you can see the plant from the outside.

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The shape of this terrarium is as like an egg with flat bottom. The whole of terrarium is made of transparent glass. The interesting thing you get on this unique terrarium is you can freely look at the plant growth from the outside. Even the soil and gravel as the planting media can be seen from the outside. Unique craft designed by Bevara Design has a circle hole on the upper part to accommodate the way you can put the plant.

Unique Hand Blown Glass TerrariumUnique Hand Blown Glass TerrariumVarious plant options included the air plants and other green plants can be selected to decorate your living room, bathroom, dining room, and other rooms in the house. Not only a plant species can be planted in this terrarium, you can add more than two plant species in the same terrarium to create the variation of green spot. Kinds of plants with different height or width can increase the uniqueness of this terrarium. The first thing you have done before arranging the plants are by creating the gravel and soil layer on the bottom. Add some charcoal layer to absorb the water when it is over loaded. These layers are useful to keep the plants moist and grow well. Unique Hand Blown Glass Terrarium

Unique Hand Blown Glass TerrariumUnique Hand Blown Glass TerrariumBy applying the various plants in the glass terrarium, you can create various themes depends on your home interior decoration such as: autumn, winter, summer, and spring. Cactus is great choice to make summer or dry season theme. You can choose height green cactus, round cactus, and some air plants with green or brown color to be planted in this unique glass terrarium. To create spring season theme colorful plants will be perfect to be selected. Epiphyte plants in green, red, and some flowers would be beautiful incorporated on the coffee table. You can choose two height plants and two other plants with smaller and shorter size. Arrange them with shorter plants in front of the height plants.