Bathrooms are generally meant to be the right kind of the space to make yourself relax and comfortable for the brief time you spend in it. Most of the people are very possessive when it comes to the styling of bath rooms they are about to decorate or even design. Everybody generally wants their bathrooms design to be spick and span, unique and perceptive whether it is small or large. A few of the designs are as under:-


In this 37 square feet bath room, tiles are used in white and blue contrast in a way that they form stripes. In such a small space, stripes look really unique and indeed very glossy on the first sight. The arrangement of the basin and the shower area is very well arranged and indeed very well equipped with respect to the overall area that it covers.


Hidden Medicine Cabinets 

It is indeed one of the most unique ideas that are being implemented in modern designs. It is also very much applicable in the bath rooms where the overall covering area is less. It is also pertinent to highlight that protruded cabinets cover unnecessary space and makes the overall look of the bath room very much occupied and limited. The hidden spaces are made behind the mirrors above the wash basin.


Fire Place

The uniqueness is well defined by the making a fireplace in the bath room. It is indeed very perceptive and well thought of. Most of the people does not think of placing the fire place within the four walls of the bath room but having done so give a totally different look to the overall bathroom.


Vintage Dresser Chest

The old English way of housing most of the accessories within the bath room has been implemented by placing a large chest of drawers underneath the basin. The color of the wood is also vintage and has been well accommodated within the overall layout of the bath room. The only risk in this regard is the leakage and seepage that might occur from the pipelines hidden behind the drawers else the design is perfect for the modern bath rooms.

House Beautiful

Pebbled Floor

If the overall layout of the room is in plain simple, then surely the idea of the pebbled floor will uplift the room in the most unique fashion. It is better to have the pebbled floor design in the contrast of the black color. If it is any other color, then surely it should be in coherence with the rest of the colors and design of the Jacuzzi, wall hangings and the basin.


Faux Window

Generally the smaller bathrooms are more prone towards not having the windows. If you can resist having one, then the best possible option is to create one by designing a picture or may even be a wall paper of a conventional window design so as to have a relative effect. The wall paper will look even better if you have natural plants portrayed on it.


Bold Wallpaper

Bold Wallpaper having a cozy bath room is a dream come true for most of the people. If you are energetic and vibrant, then you want to display bold colors around you. Same is true for the bath room as well. It is well acclaimed that in the present times, use of bold colors is very well encouraged in the bath rooms. Hence, if the bath room accessories are in plain white color, shocking blue or any other dark color will echo a unique blend in the bath room and will speak high of your nature and style.


Under Cabinet Lighting

Whatever the style of the bath room is, the lighting will create its own effect. If the lighting is not good, it may take away the sharpness of the complete bath room with it. Innovative use of bath room lighting could uplift the complete aroma in its own unique way. One such way is the under cabinet lighting effect. The under cabinet lighting effect allows only part of the light to sneak through beneath the cabinets or the chest of the drawers and will make it look even better.


Placing a Rug 

Bathrooms are known to be moist and humid. The air is always full of water vapors that may affect the tiling if it is wooden or even the paint on the walls. So generally people tend to be careful while placing certain items within the bath room space. Same is true in case of real rugs. If the air is damp, same will be the feeling of the texture of the rug which after some time will stink in its own way. Hence, placing the rug is unique and different but doing it the right way is also very important.