Various kinds of compact kitchen can be found in different size, color, shape, and appliances combination in it. Some current compact kitchen offers some appliances in a place such as: stove, faucet, refrigerator, food cabinet, plate cabinet, gas cabinet, microwave, oven, etc. The other compact kitchens only provide work place to make drink with cabinets in it to store the drink materials and appliance such as: blender, teapot, and other tools. Currently, there are many compact kitchen designs with unusual shape also color which has been created to help the customers who need this kind of compact kitchen for their house.

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The unique compact kitchen design will be options which can be choose as additional furniture to decor the house. Besides it is also compatible to be applied in small house or apartment like a studio apartment which does not have more space to place the kitchen in it. This unique compact kitchen is formed like a half ball with two knobs on the middle of it. Unique compact kitchen design hanging on the wallThe compact kitchen uses wood to be its basic material. With glossy natural wood color, this compact kitchen looks elegant and unique hanging on the wall. This unique kitchen can be hanged on the corner or the middle if the room.

Unique compact kitchen appliances for small spaceThis unique compact kitchen design can be opened by sliding the knobs to left and right side. When it is opened, a common flat circle cabinet hanging on the wall appears with a work table like a curve that is flip over on the half lower side of the compact kitchen. This work table is covered by granite material on the top of table with a hidden shelf on the lower part. This compact kitchen is not like commonly compact kitchen with appliances combination like stove and others, some appliances will be found in this compact kitchen is only portable blender, teapot, sugar jar and other drink material, and some cups to make a drink. Thus, this compact kitchen is purely hanging hidden cabinet with dry kitchen in it.

Unique brown compact kitchen unit

For home decoration needs, this unique kitchen functions well. To make it looks unique and modern, add two more of this compact kitchen by hanging them in a line. You can add more appliances in the two other compact kitchens such as portable microwave to make instant foods. Some snacks and fruits can be stored in the third compact kitchen. With the three unique compact kitchens, you can feel the truly compact kitchen with unique shape in your house.