The artistic chair designed by Ted Lott, a wood worker and an artist, successfully applied on the old chair which recreated with unique wooden house frame on it. Actually, the chair function is not as a seat as like common chair but here its function is as a foundation for the wooden house frame made on it. The design of the house frame that is named as Sit/Stay is really unique and attractive. Ted Lott try to use the old chair as foundation to form naturally the wooden house frame on it.

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The dark brown chair frame without the backrest and seat is applied as the base. The fourth legs are still used to reflect a stage house style. So the main floor is lifted far from the ground. The unique armrest forms sculptural design to be used as the side wall of the wooden house frame. The seat area of the chair is expected to be the main room on the second floor. Basically, this wooden house frame consists of three floors.

Chair House Sculpture by Ted LottThe first floor where the fourth leg located is used as staircase where the fake people come to the house and go upstairs into the main building on the second floor. This staircase is built in the back part of chair. On this staircase, there is small room which precisely located on the second and third floor.
Chair House Sculpture by Ted LottChair House Sculpture by Ted Lott

On the second floor, there is a rectangular room made on this seat area with the wall side formed based on the armrest shape. On one this armrest area will be installed with a big window, while the other wall side is completely covered by wood frame since in front of it is designed as the staircase building to go up on the third floor. On the front of this building or it can be said on the front area of chair, there is a beautiful balcony. Chair House Sculpture by Ted LottOn the back part of this second floor room, two big windows are installed to allow the fake house owner can see the scenery. The third floor is built on the back part and it is designed smaller than the second floor room. There are two big windows on the back wall of the third floor room. The beautiful accent is found on the left side of this third floor room. It is because there is small balcony built on the left room.