Wall decals are a painting art which is applied on the walls. There are so many kinds of motives or designs of wall decals. A room will be more beautiful and looks so gorgeous after it is decorated with unique and creative wall decals. Many people call this painting art as stickers which have unique and colorful motives to be applied on the walls. Several good spots which are so precise to be applied with wall decals are bedroom (as the wallpaper of bed), living room (as the wallpaper of sofa), and children bedroom. Before applying this unique art, we have to know what the kinds of wall decals. Commonly, there are two kinds of wall decals: vinyl wall decals and decorative wall stickers. With various motives and designs, your bedroom or living room interior will be more interesting, beautiful, and nice.

Many benefits of wall decals

Besides creating the sense of aesthetic of a room, there are other functions of wall decals. The functions consist of:

1. Adding the value of home design. A room which is applied with wall decals will have more value either aesthetic value or economical value. A person who gets in a room which is applied with this beautiful wall decals design will be amazed with the beauty and creative design.
2. Stimulating the creative thinking for children. The fact shows that applying the wall decals in children room will stimulate them to have creative thinking. They will imagine what the wall decals are telling to. Fairy tale wall decals, for instance, help the children to imagine what the fantasy world is, and so on.

Creative Wall Decals Ideas for Kids Bedroom Image 174

Let your children express their imagination and improve ability with creative wall decals in bedroom.

3. Refreshing the mind. Entering a room applied wall decals will make the mind fresher than before. Someone who is in bad mood probably will be better after entering his/her room which has been applied colorful/ nice/ creative wall decals. Our mind will focus more in staring the wall decals.
4. Media of learning for children. When we see kindergarten, it is common if there are colorful wall decals applied on the wall of building. Various designs such as nice and creative letters, math numeral, kinds of animals and plants figure, and other figures are intended to stimulate children’s thought to learn about them. Learning will be more interesting with this creative media.

Puzzle Wall Decals as Learning Media for Children Image 175

Wall decals with puzzle or letters motive can be used as learning media for children. Take this advantages in your kids bedroom

How to install wall decals

Then, how to install it? Installing printed or removable wall decals are easier. Some simple steps can be done by us. First, clean the surface of wall. Make sure that the wall is smooth, free from dust, and dry. Second, cut the layouts we choose as the wall decals roughly. Third, lay each part of wall decal which has been cut roughly on the flat surface of the wall. Then, press each part of wall decal in order to stick well. Fourth, roll the corner of white backing of layout from the transfer sheet. We have to be sure that there is no pieces of stickers left on the wall. The last, peel the stickers or wall decals gently. To make the wall decals more beautiful, firm the borders of wall decals to strengthen the motives or patterns of the wall decals.

Playfull Wal Decal Inspirations Image 176

When you get confused in choosing wall sticker motive, your hobby can be good option like Super Mario wall decals theme above. Perfect for Super Mario fans or kids

Tips on caring for wall decals

How to take care the wall decals? Just keep the temperature of the room, the wall decals will be more durable and the color will not be faded. To clean it, we just use dry cloth for wiping the wall applied the wall decals from dust and dirt. Do not use cleaners that contain oil because it can make the glue of the wall stickers becomes sticky.