Under water bedroom is impossible for many people. You can imagine it but not to be built in the house. Besides the sea is important to be a suitable location to build, perfect planning is also needed before you can have this wonderful bedroom decor. Of course you will need so much money to build it. If you are an adventurer and love to visit various new places, you have to visit Conrad Maldives Rangali island resort to try their under water bedroom.

Underwater bedroom in Maldives Rangali island resort

Gold and brown underwater bedroom decor in Maldives RangaliConrad Maldives Rangali island resort provides and offers beautiful underwater bedroom as one of their hotel service. This bedroom is located in sixteen feet under water. It is quite deep to enjoy the sea life while you are on the bed. And you surely will not be able to sleep in this wonderful chamber. The bedroom shape is like long curve tunnel with wooden floor on the entire of room. 180° of view on the curve glass wall, you can enjoy the sea life at night and day. Dark blue of sea will be seen at night and light blue of sea at day.

Underwater bedroom themes in Maldives RangaliVarious fishes and sea animals become underwater bedroom wallpaper. Simple white bed sheet on a queen size wooden bed is good choice in this bedroom. It is because the guest only will focus on the sea life above it. Two simple white bed lamps are placed on the bedside. And some decorations such as: wooden ship, glass vase of sand, and other are arranged in each side of the wall. A striped rug in bed foot decorates the room. Small table with a plate of fruits is placed on the rug.

Make your own underwater themes

The real wonderful underwater bedroom design can not be yours. So make your own under water themed bedroom with simple and easy decorations on the following tips. This bedroom theme are suitable for children, teenagers, and adult. The following are steps to create underwater bedroom themes.

  • Blue is a must in this bedroom theme to create water theme in the room. Fish is another option for this under water bedroom icon. Color shade and combination will be suitable to create wavy accent of sea water. Apply this color to the entire wall even the ceiling will be perfectly.
  • Some fish images on the wall will reflect under water nuance in the bedroom. If you remember a cartoon series titled SpongeBob Square Pant, use its character images for children bedroom.
  • Algae or sea weeds images will complete this under water theme in the bedroom. Place them in the bottom of the wall.
  • Place dark blue wool rug on the floor or use brighter color so that the room is not completely in blue. For example: white with big blue motif of shape on it, plain white or other color which matches with blue. Wooden floor is also suitable to create classic and warm nuance in the room.
  • For bedding, choose bed sheet with under water theme or just plain in white or sea-blue color.
  • White is appropriate color for closet or cabinet, add some fish stickers on it to make it suitable with the theme. Aquarium can be the best accessory in this bedroom. Try to apply sea background on the aquarium.