Under stairs space ideas allow your dysfunction under stairs space to become useful space in the house. Commonly, under stairs space is let to be free from anything. Sometimes the owners only use it to store the old tools. Now, you can use this additional space to make a new room for your appliances, bookcase, fire place, closet, even a bar and an office.

Elegant home bar

Commonly, big or mini home bar needs more space to be created in the house. But to benefit the empty space under the stairs, an oval wooden glass bar table and three tall chairs are really enough. This bar using under stairs looks very simple for home bar without any cabinet to store the drinks in it. Mini home bar under the stairsTo benefit the wall in this empty space, three slim square cabinet with mirror in it are installed to store the bar glasses and the drinks. The mirror in the cabinets creates wider effect of the cabinet as if it can be used to store many things. Solid brown and grey wall make this area looks modern and luxury.


Modern fireplace made from stone under the stairsThe empty space under the stairs can be benefited as a fire place. With stone color ceramic tiles in white color dominated the walls; it gives cool impression in this empty space.  The unique fire place shape with double fire place buildings under the stairs makes the house has modern accent. A red large candle and a wall lamp with dreary light will give dramatic effect on it.

Home office

Elegant home office under the stairs

Usually, home office is located in the bedroom, other house locate it in the office room. But how is about a small house which does not have enough space for it? If it has a stairs, we can arrange home office under stairs space. Place the main furniture in the office such as: a desk and turning chair. Their color can be suited to the things around it, for example if the stairs is in black, the desk and the chair can be in black too. Put the computer set on the desk to clarify that those furniture is a home office. A pot of green plants can be placed beside the desk. You may put mini fan hung on the stair for comfortable space.

Closet bench

Pink closet bench under the stairsCloset is commonly used to store the clothes which is located in every bedroom. In some houses, hanger pole to store jacket, mantel, scarf, or hat after using it always placed next to the main door. By optimizing under stairs space ideas, now you can replace the empty space under the stairs with a multipurpose closet which has a purpose as a hanger pole. A white closet with four shelves without the doors is installed on the wall under the stairs. It can be used to store jacket, mantel, umbrella, etc. In front of the closet, two short benches are placed; you can also store many things in two boxes under it.

A huge bookcase

Creative bookcase under the stairsBook case is a great solution for under stairs space . It will give more and more advantages especially for those people who have reading as their hobby. I’m not surprised about number of book you have because  I’m a book lover who have huge collection of book specially for trilogy. So this bookcase will help so much. Don’t feel confused to decide where those books will be stored. Even four bookcases can be built under the stairs. By following the stairs shape, these bookcases shape is surely made in different size.