Under stair closet storage are smart solution for optimizing the free spot under stairs as useful place for saving any cloths. Small houses with two floors are commonly use simple stairs which is applied closer to the wall. It makes the house looks wider and do not spend much space only for a stairs. This kind of stairs usually remains some free spot under it. The free spot under the stairs usually large but not large enough, so that people usually only let it free.

Tips for short stairs

Actually, there are many ideas to optimize under stairs space rather than let it free as the way they are. Creative ideas found in many home designs which take under stairs space advantage to change it into additional room in the house. A simple home bar, home office, home library, and closet are attractive to be applied under the stairs. Designing under stair closet storage is simple and common utilization of free spot under the stairs, since it is a hidden area to store home appliances, tools, or others. So that the house always looks tidy and clean.

Under stairs closet design ideas

Classic under stair closet storage with natural wood colorThe first under stair closet ideas is unique wooden closet which looks useful and elegant under the stairs. This closet is made by wood and applied a bit turn out from the stairs line under it. Three wooden closets are made under the stairs, one in triangle part, and others are made in two levels beside the triangle part. In the triangle part, double door closet is installed with squares carving above it to fill the other space. A larger and taller closet beside the triangle part is made in two levels, those closets have double door to hide the tools within it. Natural wood brown is compatible to off-white color on the walls.

Under stair closet storage built-in modern kitchen and small dining areaThe next under stair closet storage design is a closet where kitchen tools and dining tools can be stored tidily. If your stairs is precisely built above the kitchen, you can benefit the free spot under the stairs as kitchen closet. On the triangle spot under the stairs is divided into three parts and covered by white plywood as closet doors.

Beside the triangle closet, a large square closet touches the stairs ceiling. The inside part of this larger closet is colored in black which make a contrast effect with the white color on the entire of room and stairs. Kitchen and dining tools such as: jars, plates, bowls, and some of spices jars are arranged in order. Those tools are dominated in white color.

Creative under stair closet storage for short stairs

The last under stair closet storage solutions is triangle closet under the stairs four levels. This closet is not like common closet, some shelves in four levels are arranged beautifully in this triangle part of the stairs.

The first level contains a small square shelf with a knob on it; second level contains a long square shelf with two knobs on it. The third level contains two shelves in different size, a long square shelf and a small square. The last level in the bottom contains two long square shelves. The closet color is white as like the entire room, square frame carved around the shelves and triangle carved at an angle part of the stairs.