Tuscan paint colors is various colors which reflect Mediterranean nuance on your house wall paint. The rich color such as: green, blue, brown, yellow, red, and other color which reflect exotic dry and tropical theme create warm accent as Tuscany home decoration color. Tuscany as Mediterranean region has hot and dry season, so that the color of Tuscan might be fall color or brown which reflect the warmness. This Tuscan color would be more compatible in cool area or applied as winter theme in the house. For rustic and ancient design ideas, Tuscan paint colors also will suitable to be applied.

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Advantages of Tuscan paint colors

There are some advantages which can be reached by applying Tuscan paint colors as your home decoration ideas.

  • Tuscan color paint decoration is easy to be created by applying its color. You can apply natural brown, burgundy red, yellow gold, orange, buttery yellow, beige, off-white, deep blue, sky-blue, gold ocher, sage green, Tuscan red, barely cream, dark green, olive green, tomato red and other color which reflect Tuscany theme. Color combination of them would be more attractive to be applied.
  • By applying Tuscan paint colors which have been mentioned above, the warmness and friendly accent would be created in the house. It is because Tuscany is a village area where the villagers work and live together. Ancient accent is also created in the kitchen that applies this Tuscan color.
  • Tuscan paint color can be matched with any material of furniture. Wood, terracotta, copper, wrought iron, leather, and ceramic tile are suitable to be mixed with Tuscan paint color.
  • Classic and ancient accent will be created by applying these paint colors in the kitchen or other room in the house.

Tuscan paint colors

Tuscan paint colors for Kitchen

Tuscan yellow and gold paint for kitchen

Tuscan paint colors is usually found in bright natural color. For kitchen design using Tuscan color, warm accent can be created by applying natural brown on the cabinets and counter top. Butter yellow or sunflower color with brown shade can be applied on the kitchen wall. Wood floor, grey stone or golden shading on ceramic tiles floor color is perfect to reflect warm accent. Ceramic tiles with Mediterranean nuance image can be installed on the kitchen wall above the stove or faucet. Red tomato color combination in the kitchen is also perfect. Put some wine bottles with unique shape and a basket of fruits as Tuscan decoration in the kitchen.

Great colors by Sherwin Williams

Sample of Tuscan paint colors by Sherwin Williams

Sample of Tuscan paint colors by Sherwin Williams

Creating your own Tuscan theme for your kitchen or other room decoration might be difficult. It is because Tuscan paint color has a lot of colors which can be applied to reach the theme. Sherwin Williams brand is a paint brand which provides special color for Tuscan theme. It will give you the ease of creating the Tuscan decoration rather than deciding the color combination by yourself. Some Tuscan paint colors by Sherwin Williams such as: Tuscan Beige (SW2430), Jalapeno (SW6629), Decorous Amber (SW0007), New Colonial Yellow (SW2853), and Amber Wave (SW6657) can be selected to create Tuscan theme. Those paint codes are written to ease you to search the paint color in the paint shop.