Flooring is part and parcel of a good design of living space, be it your bedroom, dining room or bathroom. It adds its own significance with respect to design and galore that you want to eclipse within your room. There are many options available in the market for you to try. Vinyl Bathroom flooring is one such design. There are various available and can be selected for your house and the place you are looking to install them. Here are a few designs that you may come up considering once it comes to styling the floors of the bathrooms:-

  • When it comes to choosing the flooring for the bathrooms, the owner wants the typical wood texture on the floor of the bathrooms. Using wood is never recommended because whatever the vendor gives the guaranty for, the wood is susceptible to damage owing to the presence of moisture and humidity within the bathroom space. Vinyl can give the look that everyone is looking for here. It helps provide the best looks for the surface you are trying to put it on. It is softer in the feel, more comfortable and yet very classy. It has that element of rich textures available in different colors that can create the desired look of the space in every possible manner.

vinyl bathroom design ideas

  • Home owners need to be very careful with regards to the vinyl surfaces and use of heavy materials. The heavy materials are not suited to be placed or used on the vinyl flooring. Their durability is well acclaimed for and has been credited for what they are known for. But the use of heavy materials is very likely to help them destroy and take away the significance that they offer to your bathrooms.
  • It is also pertinent to highlight that vinyl flooring is subject to lose its color over a long period of time. In such case, it should be kept in mind that replacement of the vinyl tiles is very much inevitable and hard to avoid in case you use it. Generally, most of the people use it to cover the tiles of the bathrooms for the guest rooms since it is used rarely. Same is true in case the bath room is located outside and has been exposed to sunlight. If it is the case, then the vinyl tiling are more likely to lose their color in a relatively quick time
  • The installation of the vinyl flooring is also very important thing to be taken into consideration. The vinyl tiles needs the sub surface to be absolute bump free as well as smooth. If not, then over the course of the time, the vinyl tiles will lose their shape rather very quickly. Generally, the vendors recommend the use of the plywood flooring beneath the vinyl tiles just in case the surface is not achieved as smooth as desired by other means. This also adds to the overall cost of giving the vinyl flooring to the bathroom of yours.
  •   The vinyl flooring also offers luxury at a very affordable price. Do not get into the psyche that luxury means being expensive. The texture of marbles of earthly tone or somber color of any kind is just the right stuff for you to buy for your bathrooms and give it a look that is cherished by all and comforts you on the first look.

There are different types of vinyl flooring that is available in the market. It includes following:-

    • Sheet Vinyl
    • Vinyl Tiles
    • Vinyl Planks
  • Each of the above mentioned comes with their pros and cons but in general, with respect to the market trends, they are the most likely that you will find in the market and will give an upbeat and trendy look to your bathrooms if selected and applied within the four walls of the bathrooms.
  • Different considerations are to be kept in mind while selecting the vinyl flooring:-
    • Texture: Do not select the highly textured tiles. If they are selected, then keeping them clean is yet another task that you will have to look out for.
    • Style: It depends what you want your floor to say about your choice? From the rustic looks of earthly nature to soft and sophisticated textures, vinyl tiles come in all sizes and colors.
    • Finish: Vinyl tiles are also available in variety of finishes. It completely depends on you the type of finish you want your floor to be given. It may be the glossy, matte or even the low gloss.
    • Toughness: The toughness of the vinyl tiles is well acclaimed. It is important that they are not brought into contact with heavy surfaces else they are durable and can stand with water and moisture better than the most available in the market.