Modernism is a theme that the majority of homeowners are adopting when it comes to designing the decor for their new home or when it comes to updating their existing house’s interior.

The key to modern design is minimalism, however, minimalism does not mean that your home has to look empty or plain.

There are lots of ways that you can bring minimalist and modern interior design into your home that offers a practical and stylish solution to your living space.

This article will set to inspire your creative flair and give you several different ways that you can change your dated house design to a modern and enjoyable haven.

1. Choose your color pallet wisely

Neutral color pallets are the basis of most modern interior design rules and you want to make sure that you have a base color that follows this neutral rule.

Neutral colors associated with modern design consist of; white, beige, black or grey. Having said this, if your home’s interior only consisted of the neutral color then your home will lend itself to a plain, over clinical feel that is often associated with hospitals.

This is why one top tip for modern interior design is to choose one bright and bold color to feature alongside with your neutral color in the room that you are designing.

You can see from the example below that the neutral color base within the living room design is black and white and they have decided to use the color red as their accent color within their feature wall, several vases and bowls and on the couch.


2. Use natural materials for flooring and fireplaces

Natural flooring materials are an essential part modern design, so it is time to pull up the carpet and adopt a new flooring solution for your home.

One natural material you can use is tiles. Granite is a really earthy and raw material that looks great in your home, especially in bathrooms or kitchens. The nature of how granite is quarried allows for some unique and bespoke markings and details within the granite that gives you your own piece of modern design.


Wood is also a great raw material to use within modern design, although associated with traditional architecture. If you use the lighter grains of wood from trees such as beech, maple, birch then it offers our a clean and minimalist look.


Marble is also a great natural material used within modern design. Often associated with premium hotels and houses in The Hills, marble has increasingly become a forever more accessible material for homeowners to use within the home.

By keeping your traditional wood burning stove or open fire and surrounding it with a marble enclosure, you are instantly updating it. Another big plus factor is that marble is such an easy material to maintain, therefore any soot or debris from your fireplace can be easily mopped or wiped away


3. Adopt clever storage solutions

One big plus side to modern home interiors is the unique and clever storage solutions that is offered within the design.

The first thing you will notice about a modern house is that all of the unnecessary nick nacks found within the house and unwanted clutter is hidden out of sight which allows for the minimalist look to prevail.

Here is a clever piece of design that allows for all of your clutter to be easily stored and accessed by using sliding compartments that fit underneath your stairs.

stairs storage design

This great storage unit that is designed to host the television and sound system is a great example of a modern television storage wall unit that is so common within modern day interior design.

The modular boxes and design allows for easy storage of electrical goods, magazines and other living room necessities that need to be easily accessed.

wall storage system

To conclude

To summarize the modern interior design essentials for keeping your house modern, there are three essential basics that you must adopt when updating your home to make it a modern property.

The first rule is that you need to adopt a neutral color pallet with a bold feature color, the second is that raw and natural materials should be used for flooring and the third is that clever storage solutions help you to keep your house looking clean and minimalist.

Guest Post By Bradley