Obtain a degree from an accredited institution and license to practice, if you wish to enter the arena of interior designing. Apart from these, you will need to possess people skills, knowledge of local and global building codes, and the ability to work as a cooperative team member. Now, such in-depth knowledge and training can only be acquired at the top five universities for interior design in USA.

University of Cincinnati

 Are you in the top 11% to 12% of your class at school? Do you have a good GPA and have scored well in your SAT or ACT exams? Then the heavy competition for the limited number of seats available at the School of Architecture and Design need not faze you. Of course, aptitude, attitude and personal abilities are also taken into consideration. Once you become a student at one of the top five universities for interior design in USA, you will be placed on a comprehensive and detailed five-year program that covers areas like science of design, communication skills, construction and materials, furniture, environmental technology, lighting, professional practice and so much more. Studio and laboratory facilities are available for experiments.

Mere theoretical knowledge is not going to help you. Hence, you will be compelled to participate in almost two years of cooperative community service, under the vigilant eyes of an experienced Faculty member. The “co-op” program will enable you to link up with professional interior designers and community members on a frequent basis, thereby arming you with the requisites needed for fulfilling the physical, psychological and social needs of ‘interiors.’

University of Kentucky

 It is CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation)-accredited, and globally recognized. Naturally, School of Interiors, College of Design takes great care to ‘select’ the right candidates for the four-year undergraduate and one-year professional courses. As an undergraduate, you will be encouraged to explore human behavior, communication processes, business practices, professional values and ethics, trends in interior designing and importance of collaboration via a materials lab, a fabrication lab, a digital media lab and a library. By the end of the course, you will have gained complete knowledge about the theory and history of interior designing, materials and furnishings, lighting and color, environmental systems and controls, construction of building systems and interiors, space and form, and rules and regulations.

The Peace Gallery awaits your creations throughout your time here. So does the Annual Exhibition. Obviously, regular exploration, critical feedback and refinement suffice to prepare for your entry into the international marketplace. Enhance your worth by opting for the professional course too, wherein you will be taught about design for aging, experience design, environmentally responsible design, workplace design, and community activism. Above all, you can conduct research projects. Website: http://www.uky.edu/

University of Texas at Austin


Similar to the other two, this University also offers a CIDA-accredited, four-year course in interior designing. The curriculum is almost the same, structured in alignment with a detailed history of interior designing, theory and practical applications, construction of different kinds of interiors and computer applications. Architecture cannot be entirely separated from interior designing; hence, you are required to comprehend how design arts are linked to the internal architecture of fabricated structures. You are free to experiment with any kind of specialization, such as exhibitions, residences, furniture, kitchens, or institutions.

The highlight of this program is the “Sound Building” tradition that is organized in the third year of your study. You will be awarded a hectic schedule of studio work and course work, which have to be completed in coordination with your classmates through personal innovations and combined research projects. From here, you will progress to workshop seminars and open discussions.

University of Texas


University of Ohio


You may find it hard to make a choice here, since this University offers interior designing courses in 14 accredited schools/colleges. You are welcome to graduate as a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Architecture. The admission procedures and curricula are not very different from other institutions. However, there is a great emphasis on imparting knowledge of both, architecture of the interiors and interior designing. Administrators recognize that distinctive, functional, responsive and dynamic conditions for living and working can be created only by taking theories of design, foundation elements of architecture and design, ergonomics and anthropometrics into consideration.

University of California at Los Angeles

If you desire to have good job placements after you graduate, or experience ideal internships during your course, this is the best option. The curricula for both, the undergraduate course and the post-graduate course are similar to other universities. Selection procedures are stringent, since you are expected to qualify for global markets.

True, they are the top five universities for interior design in the USA. However, you may find it worthwhile to explore other reliable options like Auburn University, Kansas State University, University of Oregon and 21 accredited Michigan University schools, too.