There are many room ideas that frugal, busy homeowners can implement that would impress even the most skeptical interior designer. With just a little bit of creativity, you too can have a room design that will be the envy of your friends and family. Now, a gander at some room ideas that will blow an interior designer away.

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Moroccan Themed Bedroom

The first step will be painting the room to go with the theme. Plan on using rich colors, perhaps inspired by spices? A warm cinnamon red is one way to go. Don’t forget the ceiling and the moldings, and be sure to use the same color as you do for the walls. As for furniture, dark wood is favored, and for those who wish to save money, you can reupholster. Accessories are also important to the room idea. Make sure the curtains match the color scheme, hang as much fabric as you can and try to find foreign knick knacks to scatter throughout the room to create that exotic feel.


Creating The Illusion Of Space

For the homeowner with smaller rooms at their disposal, being able to decorate so that a room appears larger than it is becomes a crucial design principle. Some ways to do this include using sea glass tones for the walls and ceilings, purchasing smaller furniture, installing dividers, hanging large mirrors, and choosing furniture that can serve more than one purpose.


Antique Glamour Bathroom

Often, the bathroom is given the least amount of room design thought by homeowners. You can spruce up your bathroom by giving it a black and white paint makeover, white curtains, crystal chandelier style light fixtures and for the finishing touch, an old school claw foot tub. Glass tiling can also add a whimsical note.


Giving Yourself A Contemporary, Spacious Kitchen

After a long, hard day at work, no one wants to come home to a cluttered, messy kitchen. By installing an island in the center, whether it’s marble, wood or the material of your choice, you will open up many more options. Creating more space will optimize your kitchen’s value for entertaining and dining.

Developing more storage spaces is key. Adding a small hutch for mail, keys, and other random items is helpful. In addition, installing deeper and wider cabinets and shelves beneath the counter top will keep your kitchen from becoming overstuffed and complete the room idea.


Spruce Up That Basement

Another neglected room design in many homes, it is possible to improve your basement. The first step is painting it with a light, welcoming color. By adding plenty of lamps and lighting, you will instantly have a place worthy of spending time. Hanging artwork and bringing in accessories to emphasize coziness will also help. Installing a bar, gaming area or wine cellar are also fantastic options.


Timeless Designs For The Children’s Rooms

Nowadays, a child’s bedroom doesn’t need to have a design that is overtly cutesy and childlike. Don’t be afraid to give your child a more sophisticated living area design principle that they can grow into. Clean, neat color combinations, artwork, eschewing the use of wallpaper, and vintage styling will make the room seem less dated as the child ages. Don’t be afraid to use more muted shades in addition to bright colors.


Designing Your Own Personal Loft

You can apply the loft room design principle to almost any room idea in the house, whether it’s the living room or the bedroom. Or you can use the loft as a library or greenhouse. Adding such touches as a spiral staircase and exposed beams can increase the aesthetic value. For those who wish to have a loft bedroom and are afraid to fall out of bed, gates are always an option.