A functional kitchen would make your life so easy! Craig Gibson, editor of hipages.com.au sheds some light on the basic principles of functional kitchen design.

planning your kitchen

It’s all about planning!

Invest as much time in planning your kitchen as you can. You must convince yourself why you are placing kitchen appliances in certain places. You should be absolutely sure about your design, keeping in view the beauty and functionality of the space. If at any point, you need help of a professional, do not hesitate in contacting someone with the required license and qualification. Discuss your design features and ask the professional how he/she can improvise it in order to make it a perfect functional kitchen. It is also a good idea to visit home improvement service websites and review feedback and recommendations for guidance.

layout of functional kitchen

Layout of functional kitchen

No matter what your design strategy is, you must follow the golden principle of functional kitchen design. According to this rule the three main features of your kitchen: the sink, the fridge and the cook top, should lie within 3 meters of each other in the form of a triangle. Your kitchen space needs enough room to move around and to have everything within reach. If you ignore even a minor detail while planning the layout of your functional kitchen, you would regret it every time you work in your kitchen.

storage in functional kitchen

Think about storage

You would need storage everywhere in a functional kitchen. A kitchen with modern interior design includes practical storage for different items in a kitchen. Overhead cabinets, sliding drawers, and deep drawers are required for storing various kinds of cutlery, crockery, cook pots and other utensils. Shelves also look good in a functional kitchen, as they allow quick and easy access to things of daily use.

light up your functional kitchen

Light up your functional kitchen

A well-lit kitchen based on modern interior design would incorporate different types of lighting sources. You would be really lucky to have natural sun light to light up the entire kitchen space, nonetheless, you must think about alternate lighting sources. Task lights for bench tops and cook tops are essential in a functional kitchen. Hanging pendants add style to a functional kitchen; while modern florescent lights provide even lighting to the kitchen space. It is safe and practical to have well lit kitchens in order to avoid accidents. You must have all the electrical wiring done before installing your kitchen appliances. The electric points should be well defined during the design process of your functional kitchen because it is usually not possible to make alterations later.

flooring your functional kitchen

Flooring of your functional kitchen

Flooring is an important aspect of cotemporary kitchen interior design. Light floors with non-slip surfaces always work in a functional kitchen. It also gives a contemporary look to a kitchen and it gives great flexibility in deciding upon the color scheme of the cabinetry, furniture and kitchen appliances. It creates visual space and makes cleaning much easier because the spillovers on the floor are visible. If you wish to add more color to the floor of your functional kitchen, place a colorful rug under the dining table, which is also a great contemporary kitchen interior design idea.

ventilated functional kitchen

Is your functional kitchen ventilated?

Poor ventilation in kitchens underscores the beauty of any kitchen. The problem with poorly ventilated kitchens is that your whole house may be affected by the smell of whatever you cook. It also doesn’t give an inviting feel to your home; therefore, it is important to have a combination of natural ventilators and powerful extractors to get rid of the kitchen smell. Though powerful extractors are pricey but they are worth it because it ensures the health of your family. Kitchen with modern interior design, as well as a conventional kitchen requires adequate ventilation to be able to use the dining space comfortably.

Your contemporary kitchen interior design should create a functional kitchen where you can work efficiently by saving time and serving the best home cooked meals to your family.