Kitchen is the power of a house and its owners, where various foods and drinks are made to fill and recharge the owners’ life power. It is necessary to apply green kitchen color schemes to beautify it so that the family member can enjoy it while cooking or eating in the kitchen. Green kitchen cabinets can be selected to fresh the kitchen nuance while complete the kitchen color. Many kinds of green color for cabinet such as pale, olive, light or moss green can be chosen based on the kitchen design. Not only make the room feel fresh, green color also attracts positive energy from the outside and gather them in areas where color is applied. It’s one feng shui theory for kitchen.

Sage green cabinets

This color is suitable to be applied to fit old theme in a kitchen design. Sage green on the entire of the kitchen cabinets in this cream kitchen create perfect look. sage green kitchen cabinetsLittle golden accent is applied with unique motif on some parts of the cabinet as decoration. Ceramic tiles in black and white color are installed on the wall behind the stove. There is large sage green countertop which uses cream marble to cover the top counter to make these green kitchen cabinets luxurious.

Olive green cabinet

olive green kitchen cabinetsOlive green color looks bright combining light brown wood floor and white kitchen wall color though the wall completely covered by floor to ceiling. There is long L shape kitchen cabinet which uses grey and black marble to cover the counter. Large rectangle olive green counter is located in the middle room with glossy black ceramic tiles cover the top part. As like the previous kitchen, this kitchen also applied some ceramic tiles on the wall behind the stove, rhomboid shape is chosen as decoration style.

Antique green colors cabinet

antique green kitchen cabinets

This kitchen cabinet arrangement is really adorable with some bright lamps installed in the upper cabinet. It looks like that the top part of the cabinet is covered by green transparent glass which create green color effect on the ceiling above it caused by the lamp lighting. Unique smokestack is created above the stove with green vine motif on white backdrop color. At night this kitchen looks so bright with purple light effect around the green kitchen cabinets.

Dark green

dark green kitchen cabinetsThe next is simple style of kitchen cabinet. Wooden kitchen cabinet is installed surround the kitchen with L shape. This L kitchen cabinet is painted in dark green color, on the top part of cabinet is colored in natural wood color to fit the wall behind this dark green cabinets arrangement. Kitchen style in this kitchen is really simple and common, but it looks fresh and classic with dark green color applied on the cabinet.

Green painted

green painted kitchen cabinetsWood material painted in light green and brown wood natural color combined by stainless steel and marble materials on these modern green painted kitchen cabinets. This kitchen cabinet is formed in G shape kitchen. The top part of kitchen counter covered by black marble, faucet and stove set covered by stainless steel, and all of the kitchen cabinet made of wood material.

Lime green

lime green kitchen cabinetsSimple, sophisticated, and luxurious are crated by applying lime green color for kitchen. Lime green color covers the lower arrangement of wood kitchen cabinet included refrigerator cabinet to frame this storage appliance. There is long glossy black hanging cabinet with stainless steel handle to store kitchen stuffs. Other glossy black cabinets are also found on the lower kitchen cabinet.