So you have got your aptitude tests back. And guess what your creative skills and aesthetic values scores guide you towards a career in Interior Designing. With the tests confirming your talent for interior designing you may be wondering how you could hone these skills so as to turn it into a lucrative career option. Studying and specializing in interior designing is the way to go. With the backup of a professional degree venturing out into the world of competitive corporate projects or self employment could be a tad easy. Studying abroad has always been highly regarded and recommended to expand an individual’s exposure to different work cultures and ethics. If you are thinking of pursuing your interior designing studies in the land of the Big Ben, then here is a list of the top universities that offer comprehensive and much lauded courses in interior designing.

Top 5 Universities in Interior Design in UK

Kingston University, London – The Kingston University has four campuses. But the interior designing school in London is highly recommended and renowned for its distinctive array of designing concepts put across in utmost professional atmosphere. The university offers the masters degree Interior design. The course overview is abreast with the latest and trending design developments. An overall detailed course review is available at the university’s website:

Middlesex University, London – The Middlesex University located at London offers some dynamic and comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in interior designing. There undergraduate programmed is with honors. The course is project oriented so that students get a decent amount of exposure into the workings of actual professionals. The course is taught by renowned faculty that comprises of not only academicians but practicing designers as well. For more detailed view on the various courses available visit the Middlesex University website:

University of Westminster, London – The University of Westminster situated in London is another university offering postgraduate degree in interior design. The university is renowned for its course focusing on spatial design environments. The course has its values rooted in research so as to think out of the box and go beyond the traditional approach. You can get an in depth view about the course from the university website:

University of Birmingham – The University of Birmingham offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Interior Design. Their course wavelength covers design, technology, art and architecture in order for their students to get an in depth knowledge to develop better spaces and interiors. An overall view and course details are available at the university website:

University of Hertfordshire – The University of Hertfordshire offers renowned and detailed courses covering interior and spatial designing. They offer courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course emphasizes a lot on garnering professional experience so the course is project oriented. The course also focuses on highlighting the talent and skills of students by organizing exhibitions for their work and latest creative developments. Further details regarding the various courses is available at the university website:

These are some of the few top universities that make the list of international students planning to pursue a course in interior design. Interior designing as a full-fledged career needs ample support of a recognized degree. Academics play a vital part when pursuing any career. One should pursue a career which manages to tick all the right boxes. An education that gives you ample amount of theoretical knowledge coupled with professional practicality only adds to your resume when you venture into the big growly professional world. Make sure you make the right choices from the plethora of courses available at the various universities.

Interior designing can become a very creatively liberating job once you have an awareness of the workings in the design industry. Pursuing a professional interior design coursed in a foreign land like the UK can help you catch up with most talked about, tweeted, liked and hit trends making rounds in the industry. The theoretical and practical knowledge can improve your knowhow in leaps and bounds once you decide to pursue work opportunities abroad or return to your homeland and work independently. Commercialization has brought about a lot of changes in how things are perceived today. Studying an interior designing course abroad helps broaden your visuals to different cultures and work atmospheres. Overseas education can be a costly affair and may not suit everybody’s budget. But there are plenty of scholarships available to look into to manage your expenses. There are pros and cons to everything. If you are ready to shell out that extra cash for the global exposure that pays its dividends in terms of experience and knowledge go for it. An international degree also helps keep the work fresh and rewards monetarily. Put your thinking caps on and make the right choice in education.