Country kitchens are trending high in the kitchen remodeling projects across the world. Here are the top 20 country kitchen designs to inspire you.
kitchen idea

A high pitched ceiling with neutral cabinetry and huge windows make a perfect country kitchen. The windows light up the kitchen naturally and the beautiful appliances enhance its style and efficiency. The warm tone of the counter top and the flooring balance the neutral walls and cabinetry.
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How about having a country kitchen with enameled storage bins, platters, jugs and ladles? The mantel above the vintage stove is a perfect place for storing and decoration.
country kitchen idea

Clerestory windows are important feature of country kitchen design. It allows plenty of light and fresh air to keep the kitchen well ventilated. Hand painted tiles on the walls look splendid in a country kitchen like this. The cabinets can be painted in a cool shade like blue, which contrasts well with the timber flooring and the wooden bench.
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Contemporary kitchen design is all about integrating vintage and modern trends. Vintage European wooden chopping boards hanging on the wall of a country kitchen bring warmth to the cool interior of this country kitchen. The wooden stools made out of mango wood gives it an inviting feel and the hanging glass pendant lights up the work top beautifully.
contemporary kitchen
A stunning example of a beautiful country kitchen! White cabinets with round knobs give it the perfect country look. The combination of white and wooden tones brings splendor to this country kitchen.
stunning kitchen
Have you ever thought about concrete flooring for your kitchen? The one shown in this picture belongs to 160-year old cottage and has been retained by the owner. Concrete flooring is an important feature of country kitchen design and you can get it in various finishes.
hanging basket
Give your contemporary kitchen interior design a touch of country style by hanging weathered baskets and copper pots from a suspended ladder. Great idea. Isn’t it? It’s all about giving it a country kitchen look, even with modern fittings and appliances.
polished wood cabinets
Storage units in a country kitchen should be positioned within reach and built according to your needs. Polished wood cabinets blend well with red and white colors. Cut-out pull holes are a good alternate of handles or knobs on kitchen cabinets and drawers. Straight lines, as depicted in this country kitchen design give an illusion of space.
country kitche design
The rugged base of this kitchen top was bought in an auction. Its top was replaced by marble to convert it into a work top. An item like this can easily transform contemporary kitchen interior design into country kitchen design. The wooden blinds on the window accentuate the beaten look of this work top.
complete country kitchen design
There are certain things like a gas fired oven, hand painted tiles, and ceramic plated hanging on the walls that complete country kitchen design. You can hide your fridge and freezer in a cabinet and enjoy cooking healthy meals in your country kitchen.
contemporary kitchen interior design idea
Hunt for country kitchen accessories like a vintage scale, hand painted crockery, a coffee grinder etc. to give your kitchen a country look. Placing fresh flowers in small vases is a great contemporary kitchen interior design idea.
perfect country look
Sometimes, small changes like adding a splash back behind the stove is all you need in a country kitchen. The island bench is handmade and gives this kitchen the perfect country look. The slanting ceiling with a single cabinet stands out in this country kitchen design.
country kitchen a rustic feel
A blackboard in a kitchen? Surprised, huh? It is a great way of giving your country kitchen a rustic feel and it provides an opportunity to write down the recipes straight away. If black is not your color, then go for other colors to make a unique background for your country kitchen.
Personalizing your country kitchen is important. In this kitchen, the owner has placed his initials next to a wooden star in an inbuilt niche. Lending a unique character to country kitchen design distinguishes it from other kitchens, even at a glance.
kitchen remodeling project
If replacing the cabinets and other kitchen installations is not part of your country kitchen remodeling project, think about other ways to give it a country kitchen feel. Decorating the walls with flowers is a wonderful country kitchen design idea. You can add splashes of color to your country kitchen this way, while the feel of nature surrounds the entire space.
white cabinetry
Bring your favorite pieces of art to your country kitchen. Your kitchen should reflect your taste and personality. In this kitchen, the owner has proudly placed a series of statuettes of horses that reflects his passion for horses. The wooden flooring and a 19th century wooden table echo the country kitchen feel counterbalanced by the white cabinetry.
horses style country kitchen
Wouldn’t it be splendid if you have brick walls and a wood-fired stove in your country kitchen? It would simply look out of a fairy tale. To enhance the magical feel of a country kitchen like this, antique crockery decorated over the mantel-piece of the stove lends brightness to the dark walls. The low wooden ceiling and the low height chairs give a comfortable and cozy feel to this country kitchen.
cozy feel
Not much has been changed in this mid-19th century shepherd’s cottage during its remodeling. The rich color of the wooden ceiling beams and handmade dining table give a warm and cozy feeling to this country kitchen. Set against a white background comprising of white walls and cupboards, the table and the wooden ceiling stand out elegantly.
vintage art and crafts
Go eclectic! Contemporary kitchen interior design gives a lot of flexibility to people that have a love of vintage art and crafts. Your country kitchen is the perfect place to show off your treasures collected over a period of time- whether it is a clock or candlesticks. Never mind if you have a collection of different chairs. Just place them around the centre table and enjoy the imperfection you create. Don’t worry- all vintage items are tied together with a legacy of their own!
Sometimes, small details like bone doorknobs on the cupboards of this country kitchen can personalize the space for you. Discover yourself and think about such country kitchen design ideas that would reflect your taste and personality.
You can have fun with various 3D online kitchen planners to design your own country kitchen and discover yourself in this creative process.