Ever dreamt about of having suspended, floating, or coffin like beds for your bed room? Go through our collection of top 15 creative bed ideas for small rooms:

Floating bed

Seems like an optical illusion? But this creative bed design idea is original and 100% real. This is a magnetic floating bed designed by Dutch artist, Janjaap Ruijssenaars. It weighs around 900 kg, and there are enough magnets to keep it floating in the air. However, as a safety precaution, it is tethered to the walls by four cables. It is extremely costly (around $1.53 million) but then such creativity comes at a price!

floating bed

Hamburger bed design idea

hamburger bed design idea

Do you love hamburgers? Why not sleep on one? This creative bed design idea has been able to attract as many as 1000 fans on Facebook. The duvet cover seems to be topped with sesame seeds. Not a bad idea!

Egg-like bed

egg like bed

Power napping has become a necessity for the ever busy businessmen and businesswomen. Napshell has created an egg-like bed with the perfect ergonomics to suit people of different weights and heights. It is also equipped with LED lights, MP3 player and sound proof layers to give you complete relaxation. Its audio and visual elements within the bed can give you peaceful nap, while providing extreme comfort to your back and spine. Its compact size can fit anywhere in your office and give you moments of tranquility amidst your busy office environment.

Molecular bed design idea

molecular bed

Inspired by the molecular structure of everything in this universe, Animi Causa designed the Feel Seating System, which comprises of 120 soft balls covered with an elastic fabric. The interesting aspect of this bed is that it doesn’t have a fixed shape. You can play around with its shape and sleep as you like, wherever you like. This molecular bed is one of the ideal bed ideas for small rooms.

A bed from a Fairy tale

cindrella beroom idea

You can create a fairy tale bed for your little princess and make her dream come true- of course at a high price, but it’s worth it. It is handcrafted with wood and fiberglass in England. Its dimensions are just perfect for children’s bedroom and it is something to retain even after your little girl grows up. It is simply a piece of art and its completion and delivery time is about 6 months. The manufacturing company can also furnish the interior of this fairy tale bed upon your request.

Awesome bed design idea by Cosmovoide

awesome bed design idea by cosmovoide

Cosmovoide has taken bed ideas for small rooms even farther. This egg shaped bed is equipped with seven rainbow colored LEDs, a telephone, and a DVD home theatre set up at its foot. You would find everything in an egg shell! It is customizable and extremely comfortable. Manufactured by a French company, its twin electric relaxation bed frames can give you extreme comfort and entertainment. Out of this world, isn’t it?

Quantum Sleeper

quantam sleeper

This is the kind of a bed that can protect you from all kinds of natural or manmade hazards. Not only that, it is equipped with luxuries like a microwave oven, CD and DVD players. Amazing bed design idea, isn’t it? It can seal itself completely and offers bulletproof protection. It can protect you from kidnapping or robbery because you can call the police from your cell phone, while hiding in this bed. Terrorism attacks have indeed changed the ways of security tremendously!

Cloud number 9

cloud 9 bedroom idea

“Spend some time, upon cloud number 9”, sang Bryan Adams, and you can sing it too while rocking in your private cloud bed. Designed by Manuel Kloker, the rocking frame of this bed rocks forth and back and relaxes your nerves. It is customizable and therefore its price varies according to the size. It is also one of the most expensive bed ideas for small rooms.

The Scoop- Bed

scoop bed idea

This ultimately functional bed is designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia. It can function as a bed as well as two sofas. The ingenious bed design idea is based on two semi circular units that can be joined to form a bed, or can be separated to form two sofas. It is one of the most practical bed ideas for small rooms.

Computer bed design idea

computer bed idea

Think about the times when you worked at your computer so hard and so late that you want to actually sleep over your computer table. Perhaps, this is where the designer of this bed took his inspiration from. The gas pistons enable the bed to fold upwards, while the computer table rises upwards. Once you are done with your work, pull down your bed and sleep above your computer. A truly innovative bed design idea!

Sonic bed design idea

sonic bed design idea

It may seem like a wooden tank from the outside, but do not be fooled by its appearance. Its inbuilt 12- channel sound surround system can drown all external noise and give you an unrivalled experience of listening to your favorite music. However, this creative bed design idea isn’t available for retail yet.

The Lomme Bed design idea

lommee bed

Now this is splendid idea of benefitting from light and sound therapy, by sleeping on this bed. You would feel refreshed and full of energy after resting on this Lomme bed.

The ceiling bed

ceiling bed

You may be searching for cool loft bed ideas and here is the perfect example- The ceiling bed designed by BedUp. It is also one of creative bed ideas for small rooms because it actually doesn’t occupy any space on the floor. It is stored on the ceiling and there is an option of having LED lights fixed on its base, which actually becomes your ceiling during day time. At night, you can bring it down at a certain height, in the form of an elevator without moving around the furniture placed below. Marvelous space saving idea, isn’t it?

Hanging bed idea

hanging bed

This bed isn’t hanging in reality but it looks like as if it is floating. Available in two sizes, Queen European King and Double bed, this bed is extremely expensive, around $5500, sans the mattresses.

Coffin bed design idea

coffin bed

This isn’t a great bed design idea though, but there are some people out there that want to experience the feeling of lying in this bed. It is made out of solid pine, with removable top and bottom. The handmade metal cross and gothic bearer handles have been used to adorn this coffin bed, and polished with ebony stain and lacquer. You would be awe stricken to see its red velvet interior and if someone wishes to purchase locks and latches, they can get these at added price.
Creativity cannot be priced accurately. The collection of creative beds shown in this article gives an insight into the futuristic bed ideas being developed across the world to provide luxury, therapy and functionality.