They say that it is inherent in the girls’ genetics that they love the fairy tales and the idea of being called the princesses. Talk of a princess and the feeling of royalty strikes first time. Talking of interior design for homes and the aura of royalty indicates towards a hefty spending in order to achieve that. Every girl is a princess to her parents and every parent tries their level best to make her feel that way. It may be one thing calling your girl a princess and it’s the other to make her feel that way. Princess carriage beds are one such thing that you can acquire to make the interior decor of your room echo such royal love. Below are some of the ideas for the princess carriage beds:-

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Pumpkin Carriage Bed

Pumpkin carriage bed is one of the most followed and frequently adopted ideas. The shape of the pumpkin is somewhat conventional but adding the element of a carriage along with wooden bidding will create an elegant look. The decor of the room should be in coherence with that of the pumpkin carriage. The interior design businesses are following such trends very strongly and are coming up with various designs every day.


Cinderella’s Carriage Bed

The Cinderella theme is also one of the most stylish, elegant yet feminine styles of carriage beds that is in vogue today. Cinderella is itself very feminine name and has drawn the attention of everybody towards it, from the online interior design decorating content to the interior decor shops till the user end. The Cinderella theme looks perfect when painted pink. Going in contrast is also an option but it has been observed that the pink in contrast is generally not what the feel is when it is completely pink.

White and Pink Fairy Princess Carriage Bed

The fairy tale style is applicable by following the canopy carriage bed. This bed provides option to the interior designer to select from the material it is made from unlike the Cinderella bed or the pumpkin bed which if made from alloy will be costlier. It may be of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, wrought iron or simply the wood. The use of drapes is conventionally white since it can go with every color of the frame or it may be of any in contrast to that of the frame or even the floor coloring may well suffice.


Some beds can only be made creative and carriage like by incorporating the wheels. If that does not suffice, then add a staircase to it so as to give it a classic fairy tale touch. It is better to implement this idea with wood and that too in its natural color.

Fairy Princess Carriage Bed

The classic fairy bed is achieved when the mix of the conventional bed with the carriage bed is completed. The back of the conventional bed and the wheels along with the staircase will make a perfect carriage like bed. It also provides the space for certain inscriptions like the name of the child. It has the ability to see off some more years of your child since it has the back and can be made slightly larger in size than that of the conventional carriage bed.


Fairy Princess Carriage Bed

A fairy princess carriage bed is the one made from the wood, pearl white in color, a frame on its top that offers a space for the drapes to swoop in. Adding a small treasure box at the foot side will create the magical effect in the overall look of the carriage bed. Putting this typical old English look of the carriage in the modern upbeat surrounding is refreshing and unique indeed.


Conventional Like Princess Beds

Going the conventional way is certainly easy. Make a simple four legged conventional bed of wrought iron or stainless steel. Add the four wheels on the outer side of the four legs of the bed. Use of drapes adds an element of fairy princess and royalty to the overall look of the bed. It will be certainly cheap and very easy in construction.

Disney Princess Carriage Bed

Children love the idea of animals around them. Girls adore cats more than anything. Creating the shape of the cat along the frame or fixing caricatures on them are just so enlightening and charming that it gives the feminine feel to the complete outset.

Elegant Princess Carrier Bed

Since girls are always fond of tales, they always want their bedrooms to be designed like princess. This bedroom style is unique and elegant as it always takes care of what a girl wants.


Pinky Sophisticated Carriage Bed

This bedroom style is really amazing that gives the feel on a princess to a girl.


There are many other ideas in this case that are available and indeed applicable in so many different ways. There are many different interior design websites available that offer plenty of ideas in this regard. Implementing these ideas for interior decoration will give an upbeat, trendy and fresh feel to the complete room of your beloved daughter.