Libraries have become an important segment of the interior decor in many different ways. People have become more related with collection of different genres of books and indeed are looking for new ways to preserve their collection. The innovation and creativity in this regard has come a long way and every time new and sleek designs of book shelves and book racks are coming in the market helping the interior decor of homes in the positive way.

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The modern libraries have various new entitlements added to their decor. There are many important factors that are involved in the making and creating space for the storage of books. The most important factor is the decor of the room where you are planning to create the library and the size of it. If the whole space is not being planned to be occupied, then the idea of the open shelves is not a bad idea.

Open Shelves

The implementation of the open shelves is strongly related with the color theme of the room or in other words, it may have different connotation if the color of the shelves is selected with respect to the wall color. The arrangement of shelves is another area where you can play with several different ideas. The latest in this regard are the designs like branches of tree made into shelves, triangular book shelves, etc. The simple arrangement of the book shelves in the conventional manner in which they are arranged one above the other is never ruled out. The color scheme is the next thing that needs to be catered for to bring life to those shelves with respect to the overall color theme of the room.


Separate Book Shelves

The idea of the book shelves by making a separate rack in different shape inculcates the element of mobility to the overall idea of storage of books. The best aspect of such storage of books is that the said rack is adjustable with respect to any new arrangement of the room that is carried out.

library sheleves design

Sleek and Small Size Book Racks

The libraries are no longer restricted to the idea of keeping books in them. The library can be any small space within the living room or for that matter as part of your bedroom. Since such spaces are already covered with other essential items of the said rooms, hence the space naturally is limited for the book shelves. Therefore, the best option is to go for the open shelves covering the specific area of the empty section of the wall.

library 01

Wall to Wall Libraries

The libraries are also supported with the idea by constructing shelves all along the length and the height of the wall if you have that big of book collection. The books arranged in different styles will give the room a cozier look.

library 02

The book shelves are also not meant for keeping the books only. Various interior designers and decorators have innovated their way by placing different decoration pieces and other artistic items to make it look more unique and versatile with respect to its usage

library architecture

Library Beneath

Generally, the space beneath the stairs is often regarded as the best place to create the space for keeping the books. The shelves can be the extension of the stairs structure downwards parted in different sections so as to give it a look of a small library. This will act as more judicious use of space and will look sleek in design and help complement the overall look of the room. If you do not want this to be done for the stairs, then making a book shelf in the stair like structure is always an option. The reason why this style is being emphasized more is because it is unique in its own way and act as a strong addition in the overall look of the room.

Not the Full Circle 

The technology has come full circle defining new ways and means to read. How about keeping the conventional and the new techy way to read together? Keeping the books and your iPad on the same shelf is one of the most unique ways to give a modern look to the library as shown in this photo.


Loose Shelves       

Another unique way to keep books in the library is the use of lose shelves. The shelves may be made from any fabric like rough fabric sheet held at both the ends by the iron rods. The books will have to be heavy to keep themselves still when placed on these lose shelves and further be helped by the books placed above and under it.


Book Shelf With Railing

This kind of style have never been used before. It basically is a kind of a stand with a railing. The books’ binding is used to hang them in the way as shown in this photo. It is rather unconventional but still is unique in its own way.


Topsy Turvy

The books are generally related to the intellect of the man who owns them. The display should be then such that creates the harmony between the ideals of man and the theme behind it. The selection of the type of the book shelves with respect to the interiors can be easily supported by taking an idea from the online interior decoration content in respect of storage of books.

High Gloss Library

This library design includes high gloss paints in which, walls are painted with grid patterns like bookshelves that are inspired from a famous architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing library designs that can be used interestingly.

High Gloss Library