There are many ways in which interior designing of homes can be done to keep it green and ecofriendly. The eco friendliness of anything is one of the most talked about topic in the modern era. Same is true for the interior designing. The interior designing industry is coming up with salient ideas in order to keep the interior designing process charming as well as ecofriendly. Here are few that will guide you to green interior designing:-

Recycle and Donate

If you feel that your surroundings are over cluttered with old items and you want to get rid of them, then it is important that you do so. But the question here is that how you get rid of all such stuff in an ecofriendly manner? The best thing here is the analysis of your items with respect to their condition. if the condition is good, then donating them to anyone deserving is always a good choice to make. Else, recycling them is cost efficient as compared to buying a new one.

Green Interior Design Ideas

Materials Used

It is pertinent to pay attention to materials. Materials are the main hazards that you can put it in use and cause drastic effects on the environment. Hence, use materials that is less fumy, do not become cause of any kind of headache, etc. This should be true for every space within your home, be it the bedroom, living room, bathrooms or even the exterior designs of homes.


Flooring is all very important. Flooring are one of the defining surfaces that can be offered to your living space. Hence, it is important to think about what type of flooring you are looking for? If the choice is of wooden floor, then make sure that you get the reclaimed wood which will ensure that no new trees will be cut down to get the wood for the floor you want. Other options in such scenarios is the use of the timber or bamboos from which the wood can be extracted and help give the shape of the floor in manner you desire.

 Addition of Plant or Trees

What is more fruitful than to place a plant or tree within the living space for making it green. It is imperative that you include the placement of the plants and trees as part of your ideas for interior designing. In this way, an addition of natural element within the living space is very important. Same is true for the placing a small sized tree. It should be noted that placing an artificial tree or a plant is never a good option or for that matter, never is applicable to the bring in the element of green in your rooms.

Green interior decoration

Paint the Wall Green

Painting the walls green is always an option. It shall be noted here that green walls are not the solution to the problem that is being discussed here. Painting the wall in green shade is a good option only when coupled with placing the plants within the same walls. It shall be noted here by bringing in the element of green is all a very important thing but should not be confused with bringing in the green color only.

Solar Homes

The idea of the green home can be very well replicated by the installation of solar panels that will give one modern and trendy look to the overall home from the exterior. It may be true to highlight that the décor is indeed trendy but is costly but very cost efficient in the long run. It may also be noted here that solar panels do not form part of the integral designing of the homes and related with the concept of going green.

Energy Sufficient

The best idea for green decor is to go energy sufficient at least for the day time within your living space. It involves the design of the homes in a manner that maximum sunlight can be diverted into your homes during the day hours. It shall be pertinent to note that you may not desire the same during the summers. For this, you may have to make necessary makeshift arrangements so as to give your rooms a cooler effect even during the day time. Not using the electricity is all that matters for going green in this case else the natural sunlight have its own grandeur attached to it as far as the green theme is concerned with respect to interior designing.

green interior

Going green in case of interior designing is very productive and very helpful for the society in the long run. It is, hence very important to think on such lines help for which may be sought from the online interior designing content. The same are also offered on online interior designing courses and can be benefitted from.