Now that summer is here it’s time to adorn our entryways and make them look as enticing as possible for our guests. There are so many ingenious ideas we can use to make the front entry seem inspiring, attractive and modern. Homeowners can decorate with flowers, rugs, paint and all kinds of additional accessories. There’s really not need to spend a fortune on a new front door or hallway furniture; sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact. You’ll be surprised how much a new coat of paint and a few flowers can change your front entry. Here are some more tips that will inspire you.


Frame the door with flowers

Use flower pots to frame your entrance door, and make your front porch appear fresh and rejuvenating for your guests. Use supersized containers to give the front entry a royal allure, and consider seasonal flowers in a multitude of colors. For an extra effect, place a beautiful doormat outside and make sure it matches with color of the flowers. Create harmony and people ready to knock will instantly feel welcomed.

They say first impression matter the most, and the entrance to a home sets an intention. Basically, it prepares guests for what’s behind the door. Flowers will make people believe that you’re a nature lover, and that you put value in bright, all-natural décor ideas.

Architectural details

Make the front entry seem interesting with impressive architectural details. You can invest in a new door with carved accents or consider additional front porch ideas, such as stunning hardwood vases for your flowers, or maybe a glass table with wrought iron chairs. Use your imagination to make the entry catch people’s eye. An entrance with prairie grills for example, will add a lot of charm to your home. They will make it appear romantic on the outside, thus awakening people’s curiosity about what’s hiding on the inside.


Statement colorings

Summer is all about color and beautiful color combination. It’s the best time of the year to change the paint on your entryway door for example. Make a change and your family will adore it. Opt for fiery red and pair it with blue sidings and white trims. The high-contrast created will make your home look modern and vibrant, which is exactly what you need for the hot season. To add more drama you can opt for carved designs in the wooden door. The idea is quite bold and it will instantly make a stylish statement. Carved entrance doors with a classic raised panel or a custom design are really interesting.

Symmetrical accents

Frame your front door with sided lanterns or potted plants. This will take your entryway’s curb appeal to a whole new level. Maintain a color palette, as well as a similar structure. If your door is made of wood and glass, then you might want to consider lanterns that are also made of wood and glass. Create a fluid effect outside your home and people will certainly be delighted to visit you.

Unusual materials

Have you ever thought of replacing your conventional wooden door with a model made of steel? Stainless steel front doors are in trend right now, and they’ve never looked better. They beautifully compliment a modern home with minimalistic interiors. If you fancy the urban trend then this idea will make your entryway look chic and ingenious. There are plenty of models you can consider; steel and glass are the most unusual combination for a door. And yet somehow it works. Guests will instantly be puzzled by your choice, but in a good way. They’ll want to know more, especially what hides behind that entrance door.


Get your home ready for summer and change the entryway. Add more innovation to the front porch and your friends will come over a lot more often. Entice guests with floral arrangements placed outside by the door, or wow them with a brand new stainless steel door. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you use your imagination to make your front entry innovative and welcoming. Think outside the box and accessorize your entryway using the most convenient elements. A statement rug in a bright color for example, can change your home’s appeal entirely.

By Jason Phillips and!