Even if there are now modern flooring options like concrete, vinyl, and tiles, nothing beats the natural beauty of wood. Wood flooring is best used for the modern and minimalist styles of homes. The only problem with wood is that it can age faster than the house or building itself unless you implement ways to preserve its original look. One simple trick in preserving wooden floors is to maintain and regularly clean them. Here are the most effective tips for great clean wooden floors:

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Sweep or vacuum dirt and dust regularly

You should allot part of your time in sweeping or vacuuming your floor. If dust is not removed from the wood’s surface, there’s a chance for it to get stuck and build up on the wood because of the wood’s natural pores. Once this happens, it is much more difficult to clean your floor. Additionally when the grit or dirt has a rough or sandy texture, it will just act as an abrasive or sandpaper that will scratch the wood surface.

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Know when to properly use wax

Wax is the conventional way of cleaning and protecting wooden floors. You are free to use wax on wood unless the flooring installed on your house is already treated or finished with certain chemicals like urethane. Wax will just destroy the existing finish if you use it.

Wipe water and liquid spills immediately

When you or your child accidentally spills any type of liquid on the floor, you should wipe it out immediately. The liquid can be absorbed by the wood and will just result in deteriorating its integrity or durability. Dependent on the type of liquid, this can damage the wood’s finish.

Avoid moisture for your wood

Liquids and moisture are the number one enemies of wood floorings when it comes to strength and durability. You might think that moisture is just a minor concern. But constant exposure to moisture means continuous deterioration for your wooden floor. During the winter or rainy seasons, you might want to use a dehumidifier inside the house.

Use mats and rugs where applicable

The ultimate way of ensuring a clean and well maintained wooden floor is to cover it. This is where mats and area rugs come useful. You don’t have to use rugs all over the house. Just consider areas where foot traffic and risks of water, food, or liquid spills are high. Examples include the doors or pathway, in the living room, beneath the coffee table, the dining area, in front of the sink, etc.

Use the right cleaning tools

Similar to a person’s face, wooden surfaces can be sensitive especially to the cleaning materials used. It is not recommended to use an ordinary stiff brush, wet mop, or duster. There are now specialized tools designed not only to clean but also not to scratch and damage the surface of wooden floors.

The sun has its role

Did you know that the sun also has a direct role in maintaining your wood? According to Floorsandingexperts, direct exposure to sunlight means faster wood aging, discoloration, and drying. So when you live in a very sunny region, blinds and curtains would be of help.

So, as you can see there are numerous factors that cause aging and issues with wood and this list is a quite concise one that will lead you in the right direction.