Throw pillows are generally used to complete the sofa or couch located in the living room or bedroom. This small square pillow is typically designed in variation style either the kind of fabric, motif, color, or shape. Those aspects decided based on the house owners who want to fit their throw pillow covers with room interior design. There are several samples of throw pillow covers ideas for your reference to get the best choice for you.
The east style is clearly reflected from these red throw pillow covers. Red backdrop color on this cover is decorated with unique combination motif which formed as like a mosaic. Black thread embroidered to follow the motif pattern, the most patterns which is created looks like rhomboid patterns. red throw pillow coversFor the furnishing, black border is applied surround the pillow cover edge and some solid black line crossing from various throw pillow coversPlain style with a color choice on the throw pillow covers looks very old and usual. But today you can decorate it as creative as possible by combining two or more colors on a cover. Silver or glossy grey chosen as main color on this cover gives modern ambience. This silver plain cover looks fabulous with four half circle piles embroidered on from the bottom left into top right side. This chic pink embroidering represents a big sun rising behind the mountains. Some straight pattern of pink embroider applied surround the sunrise to reflect the morning light.

yellow throw pillow covers

Motif fabric is a great solution to suit the throw pillow covers theme with the interior design theme either color or style. Yellow becomes the main color applied on this cover with little of white color on its flower motif. This cover is design with cover slip on the middle instead of made it on the top or upper side of cover. The cover slip is created to cover each other in order to it could completely cover the throw pillow inside. To decorate this common motif cover, a kind of blue and white striped ribbon stuck on the cover slip.

colorful throw pillow coversActually, this pillow cover looks ordinary without any additional stitching and embroidering on front and back. These throw pillow covers only rely on colorful flower lining motif that applied on the white backdrop color. Various shape of flowers and leaves motif drawn on the entire cover are painted in black, red, and light brown. This cover motif is really compatible to complete art Nouveau interior design installed on living room or bedroom.