When you paint the interior walls of your home, one generally look forward to the door frames to be painted as well. Selecting the color combination is indeed important since they make a strong statement in the overall look of the room. Mostly the door frames are given the conventional look of the wood by painting them in the wood color but the unique colors are also becoming a strong part of the home interior designs.

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Take your time in choosing the colors of the right choice. It becomes extremely vital to select the colors of right tone and texture when it comes to the painting of the frames of the door, both indoor as well as outdoor. The selection of the paint may well be the one that pops out the door frame with respect to the rest of the colors in its surroundings or be in coherence with the rest. The walls are generally painted in plain colors in most of the household. Going for the floral coating of the frames of the doors is indeed a unique idea. It is very pronounced and indeed catchy as well. But it should be kept in mind that in such scenarios, it is pertinent to highlight that the door as well as the frame should be of same color. It is also pertinent to notice that frames and the doors are usually of same color. So going for a contrast in color may not be very suitable interior decor idea and have its own repercussions.
The frames give a glowing effect once the doors are painted in smooth colors. Just imagine a pink door with a white frame. This contrast looks absolutely brilliant but it also depends upon the paint of the walls that are within the nearest proximity of the frame. If that is in dark and bold color, then pink may well have to be replaced either with the ones of the wall or with some other bold color in contrast to that of the color of the walls. Coloring the doors in stripes with plain colored frames is another idea that is being implemented all around. It gives a unique look and different from that of the conventional genres of the frames and the doors’ colors.

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The concept of the carriage type doors are also becoming a hot trend. But in such case, it is important to note that the door is not accompanied by the frames but only the backdrop of the metal wall is available, which is another prominent feature to be taken into consideration before selecting the color of the paint of the doors.

If the door is part of the interior home decor accompanied by the bright colored walls, then the use of the bold colors for the doors as well as the frames will be unique and artistic. This style is generally observed in the country side and is well replicated in the modern urban trends. The use of red or dark brown is more of a convention rather than a trend.

The frames and the door may be of similar nature with certain inscriptions on the door in contrast to the color of the door and the frame. In such cases, wood paneling has made deep roots in the conceptual designs and overall setting of interior home décor.
The frames of the door on the outer side can be taken as a separate case. It reverberate the overall feel of the color the home is painted with from outside and hence needs deliberate consideration. The brighter the color is, the more positive the feel it would have. Painting the frames differently will obviously make the door more pronounced. So the general convention is the use of the bright colored frame with a dark colored door or vise-e-versa.

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Sometimes the frames are left unpainted. But it should be kept in mind that the wood is also painted for keeping it safe from wear and tear. The old vintage look that is desired by not painting the frames may well be achieved by the use of such colors. They give that antique look. The color of the timber is highly recommended in such scenarios but the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind is the overall ambience that it has to be matched with. Such colors are best used for the doors that are located outside or for the homes in the country side.

Frames are an important factor with respect to the interior home designs. Their color should be in coherence with the overall setting of the room or the exterior of the homes. Modern trends are available on the interior design websites and good idea can be made as to what color should be chosen to coat the frames of the door.