A bathroom will looks wonderful with art deco installation as the style. This style will make our bathroom luxurious especially if you put white and black colors there. There are many kinds of art deco which can create beautiful accent on the entire bathroom. Sometimes, the art deco bathroom style applies painting scheme or abstract shape of decoration to make it unique. Some designer play the ceramic pattern to create glamorous nuance by choosing colorful pattern and soft color effect such as grey, black, dark green or gold. Several of art deco bathroom can be read in the following description.

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White art deco color

Brick arrangement on a part of wall in this white art deco bathroom style becomes the special characteristic. Pure white brick tiles cover the lower half part of the bathroom wall. On the top part of this white bricked wall, there is other smaller bricked wall which is covered by grey and black color; it is like as wallpaper on the white bricked wall. white art deco bathroom ideasOther half part on the bathroom wall, plain grey color is applied to fit the grey bricked wall. White long oval bathtub is located in front of triangle marbled counter. A shower space with clear glass on upper half of wall is located across the bathtub.

Luxury in white and black

art deco bathroom tilesThe next art deco bathroom remind the old era where the colorful TV did not appear. White and black is unique concept in this bathroom. Checkers ceramic tiles on the floor increase the old accent with white and grey color. Glossy white oval bathtub located closer to the wall looks modern. A big black framed painting decorate the wall behind the bathtub, this painting also consists of white and black color. Twin bathroom vanities are located in each of bathtub with round bathroom mirror hanging on the wall behind the vanities. On the entire of the bathroom wall, grey and white ceramic tiles are arranged in symmetrical arrangement.

art deco bathroom vanity

Grey color is applied as combination to sweeten this black and white art deco bathroom; the darker grey covers the middle part of the wall. Unique pattern of floor tiles are set in black and white color. There is long hanging white marble bathroom vanity on the wall, two white unique hanging lamps look like water drop above the vanity. Classic mirror framed by clear glass surround it to create unique accent in this bathroom.

Art deco gold bathroom

art deco bathroom lightingCrystal bathroom vanity gives different experience for the user in this luxurious gold bathroom. Although this bathroom is small and looks that it set in narrow style, everything in this bathroom still can create elegance. Stainless steel oval bathtub is placed on the higher marble floor with marble tiles on the entire of the wall. Stainless steel bathroom vanity with crystal on the feet is placed in front of floor to ceiling mirror; unique lamp is set inside the mirror frame to create light effect in gold art deco bathroom. Wood plank floor on the lower floor where the vanity stand warmer this cool bathroom.

Minimalist art deco concepts

art deco bathroom accessories are propertyMarble tiles also cover the entire of this large bathroom either on the wall or floor. Light brown is marble color which applied on the bathroom wall, while the brighter color applied on the floor with unique dark brown art pattern on the center. Long rectangle bathtub located in front of the window, the external side of this bathtub covered by light brown marble tiles as like the bathroom wall; white the internal side is covered by pure white color. A wide shower space is surrounded by clear glass from the floor to the ceiling; it is located across to the bathtub. A glass door between the shower space and bathtub allows the art deco bathroom user to go directly to balcony.