If you want a good references for building a modern home with some wood materials in house elements, a house situated in Sydney, Australia will be a good example. You are able to see from the picture that the house is really stunning. In addition, this house is a good thing to adopt if you want a house for a family consisting of a wife, a husband, and also three children. This article will ripe some points existing in the house looking from some points of view. For that reason, you will know what elements provided in the house.

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Well, for the overview, it will be started by revealing the designer first. It is designed by Fox Johnston. The owner names it Queen’s Park House. You are able to see the robust environment around the city. That is cool for building a house to live with family. This stunning house is the best reference for a house with good mixture of social life and privacy. That is true that there is a thick line to separate social rooms and also private rooms in the house. That makes people who are coming there do not cross the social zone into the private zone. However, the line is constructed softly so that you will not be evaluated as an arrogant person with that design of house.Sydney Queens Park House Design

Sydney Queens Park House Design 5Let us start it with the outdoor area first. From the situation of outdoor area, you are able to know how peaceful the house is. It is located in the suburban area. So, tranquility is a good value to get there. In addition, this house is complete with quite extensive garden with some tropical trees. The garden can be a good playground for the kids. It is also able to be a good area for social life. Usually, the home owner is truly happy and pleasant for inviting some friends there. They conduct a barbeque party. Enjoying the fresh air will be the best way to create radiant night. In addition, in doing that, you are accompanied by people. If the rain is falling down suddenly, you are able to ask your friends to enter your living room. That is really contented. Light wood flooring is chosen. White is applied for the wall. That is a good representation for modern home living.

Sydney Queens Park House Design 1

Sydney Queens Park House Design 3Warmth is also greatly presented through materials constructed there. Those are brick, timber, stone, and wood. Durability and longevity are guaranteed well caused by one to another element are tightly connected. You are able to score that with a big number by looking at the bedrooms. All bedrooms are considered as the best private room where you can keep your privacy and secret. It has been stated above that there is a thick line separated from public places where your guests are able to mingle with your house.

Sydney Queens Park House Design 4Sydney Queens Park House Design 2However, the separator is not direct. It is still implicit and blurry by make the decoration and element different from private and social life room. From the explanation above, it will be known that this house is really incredible for social and private life.