Superman bedroom decor is delighted for people who are fans of this flying superhero. Superman is one of superhero senior which is delighted until now by many people, adult and children. Sometimes, Superman bedroom themes is chosen by applying Superman uniform color as the base of the room paint color. Sky blue become main color which colored the walls, ceiling or floors. Orange, red and yellow applied as an accents for furniture and secondary decoration. And today there are various choices of furniture and accessories to support Superman decoration. Superman symbol on his chest becomes an icon on those furniture and accessories which attractively decorate your kids bedroom.

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Built in simple modern concepts

This sample of Superman bedroom designs looks simple actually. White is the backdrop wall color in this bedroom which makes the room cleaner, brighter, and wider. In the left side of the bedroom there are large glass windows without any curtain which make this bedroom has natural light at day. Superman bedroom decorating ideas built-in modern conceptsIn front of the windows, a set of study desk looks elegant with white metal color located to opposite the windows, this desk forms ‘L’ letter with red and white wheel chairs on each side. To complete this ‘L’ desk, space saving bed located in front of the desk. This single size of bed has two beds on it, a red and yellow bed is hidden under the blue and white bed as like a large shelf. The upper bed has shape as like a couch with three throw pillows in white, red, and yellow color. Beside the bed there is large white floor-to-ceiling closet with Superman image which is helping a woman to cover it. A line of glasses are arranged on each of closet doors to create windows effect on it, it is as if we are seeing Superman over the windows. Several small ceiling lamps give enough lighting in this bedroom at night.

Superman wall decals for kids bedroom

Superman wall decals for kids bedroomWall decals are the easy solution to support Superman bedroom decor ideas. Small, medium, even large size can be choices to cover the bedroom wall. For the options, you can apply Superman wall decals on a side or more sides of wall, or the entire of bedroom wall to clarify the Superman theme in the bedroom.

For instance: a Superman bedroom which apply Superman wall decals on almost the entire of the bedroom wall. A big flying Superman image with blue as sky, white as cloud which is drawn in curve shape behind him, and red in a half circle looks like sun stuck on the wall around the bed. The other side is painted in blue as like sky on the wall decals.

Cool and inspirational Superman bedroom furniture

Wing chair
Superman wing chair for kids bedroom

Wing chair with Superman image on it would be suitable to Superman bedroom decor. Leather material to cover the chair sponge looks so comfortable. Flying Superman is drawn on the chair back with dark blue backdrop color to reflect the sky at night and white spots arranged around him as the stars.

Bright blue is used to color the seat; red with Superman symbols is set on wing chair hands and bright blue on the outer side of it, a big Superman symbol on yellow backdrop color located on the feet place on the bottom.

Superman table lamp
Superman table lampsSuperman table lamp can be great appliance to be placed on the bedside. This small table lamp has blooming flower shape which is set in upside down position as its bulb cover. Red and yellow Superman symbols are on the glossy bright blue cover. Glossy stainless steel becomes the main material on this table lamp.

Unique Superman bed

Creative Superman bed for kids bedroomThis Superman bed has unusual shape. Its shape is formed like Superman symbol shape rather than rectangle shape as a standard shape of bed. Red and yellow becomes the main color on this bed. Checker arrangement on its side painted in yellow and red with Superman symbol on each of square.