You certainly have ever heard about a game namely Super Mario Bros. This popular Nintendo game is identical with two main game characters named Mario and his brother, Luigi. In the game, Mario and his brother try to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser, the antagonist character. They travel through Mushroom Kingdom where they will find various enemies while earning coins and several powerful items included extra life. The Mario theme could be unique and attractive to be applied as bedroom interior design. Below are some tips about how to create your own Super Mario bedroom.

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Wall decals

Wall decals become easy solution to help you create Super Mario bedroom. Numerous images which are related to the game such as hero character, Mario and Luigi or the Mushroom Kingdom scenery should be selected to decor the bedroom. A sample of wall decals which applied on the entire bedroom wall is the Mushroom Kingdom scenery. Super Mario wall decals for kids bedroomThe scenery contains of blue sky, white smiling clouds, vine plant, hedge, green pipe, even the bricks where the coins hidden. You don’t have to decorate the wall with wall decals only, you can make real book shelf or bed lighting with bricked boxes shape as like found in the game.

Bedding of Super Mario bedroom

Super Mario bed ideasBed is important furniture in a bedroom, it has various size included single size which is about 1, 25 m x 2, 25 m, double size, queen and king size. To create bedroom with Super Mario theme, the head and foot part of bed divan should be decorate with shape and color of the game character. If you decide to use common shape of bed divan, Super Mario bed sheet would be perfect choice to reach the theme. Duvet and Super Mario doll should be placed on the bed to enrich the Mario accent in the bedroom.

Decorative Super Mario cabinets

Super Mario cabinets for kids bedroom

Cabinets are commonly selected as similar as possible with the bed and closet design included the color theme on its surface. Various cabinet designs would be painted in a color or more that fit with the wall and bed. A sample Super Mario cabinets used a big mosaic image of Mario and Luigi on each of cabinet side, while on the top of cabinet is decorated by white and red image of mushroom. The whole of cabinet is covered by deep blue color with white color on double handles in front of the drawers.

Unique Super Mario lighting ideas

Unique Super Mario table lampsLighting appliance choices are very rich to create this game theme. Various characters which appear in the game such as: Mario, Luigi, mushroom, and others are design in unique and cute style with lamp bulb built in. A sample of Super Mario table lamps is represent some mushrooms which arranged in circle line with bigger mushroom in the center. The mushroom body is colored in white, while the top or head of mushroom is colored in various colors such as: blue, red, yellow, green, and pink with white spots motif on it. Really great ways to decorate kids room.